Why your spiritual practice may not work

Spiritual Practice can bring awareness, but does it get to the root of what is still keeping you stuck, stressed, and unhappy?

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In some ways this is a follow-up on my long post citing Pema Chodron’s article about escapism and our storylines accompanying this behavior—I am CELEBRATING that those who showed up at the Partner Practice Lab last night. So many of my clients, like I did, have tried countless remedies, spiritual practices, meditations, mindfulness, yoga, and still finds themselves stuck, reactive, and unhappy with themselves and others. And yet these brave and vulnerable women proved again that even a 12-minute facilitation can create a shift, whereas these folks just working to “let go” of the thinking driving their upsets and “get present” are not really seeing the changes we are.

How spiritual practice falls short of just letting go…

They each came in with really TOUGH stories, and were really attached to them in a way that was driving emotional charge in their bodies. They could not see a way out, or they would have. While our actual partner practice was short since we spent time setting up the one-liners (noticing and writing down one thought that is triggering the unwanted response) they would work on, it was amazing that EACH person got a shift, often with someone who had never facilitated in this work before, and in 12 minutes each!
They came back from breakout rooms smiling, feeling light, free, and even connected to and compassionate for the people in their tough situations, and knew what their own next steps where.

All I can say is, this N0-Matter-What Way %$#@ is amazing!” (forgive my candor, or don’t 🙂 I am telling you, RELIEF CAN BE INSTANT…. and introducing, THE NEW NO-MATTER-WHAT WAY MODEL!!

But really. I was so moved by those courageous women who went into their pain to come out (i.e., what hurts helps) that I am finally posting my new NO-MATTER-WHAT Way (my newly fleshed-out model created last spring and introduced for the first time here in this humble post!). Those quick turn-arounds always restore my faith in what we are doing, and how much the world needs this “missing PEACE we were never taught.” My decades of seeking and spiritual practice and energy work did NOT get me there. I needed to know how to neutralize the thinking, and I LOVE sharing it with folks.

Write to me at support@shawnmahshie.com if you want to get a copy of the full model, or get on a chat and see how this can support you to get free.

🙂 Shawn

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