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Download This PDF and Learn How to Transform Anxiety, Regret, and Self-Doubt into Self-Love, Confidence, and Power Today
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Tired of beating yourself up? Download your Wheel of Self-Love: Antidote to 'REGRET HELL' PDF, to find inner freedom now.
What this PDF (and the EBook you can get as part of this offer) will teach you
If you want to know how to Wake Up without Regret of your past actions, whether they were 2 minutes or two years ago, then Shawn Mahshie's Wheel of Self-Love PDF will guide you step-by-step through how to find compassion for yourself, how it is that you can't "DO IT WRONG" and that the outcomes are truly a gift.
The 5 most important shifts
  1. How to find your own innocence.
  2. How to turn around regret quickly and not stay on that hamster wheel
  3. How to be comfortable with your actions and decisions, which creates confidence and ends chronic indecision.
  4. How to find what you need to be happy without waiting for others to change or give it to you.
Come join thousands who have learned these simple spiritual bee-lines to peace from Shawn, as you embrace her "Reliable Symmetry of Happiness" paradigm shift, with the option of going more deeply into The Work of Byron Katie. Realize you no longer need to hurt so much or for so long, and finally discover how to use what upsets you to find greater joy, and love without conditions. Learn the secrets to create a dependable kind of peace and enjoy the freedom and warm relationships with yourself, others, and life that you so richly deserve.
About the author
Shawn Mahshie
Founder, ClarityWorks LLC
Hi, I’m Shawn Mahshie and I’m passionate about growing a dependable sense of peace for all and teaching enlightened entrepreneurs how to thrive and grow their connection to self, others, and life using the VERY THINGS THAT UPSET THEM. This wasn’t always my life. 15 years ago, I was a successful author, speaker, and managing editor at a well-known university. I was married with a child and waterfront house, and while things looked good on the outside, I was not truly happy, actually I was caught in anxiety, self-doubt, and debilitating codependence in my marriage and aspect of my work. I was having a big impact in my field on a national and global level, but I wasn’t thriving in my mind and heart, which peace, good health, and made deep connection to others almost impossible. At the peak of all this was when my life crashed--first my health, and then within the space of 9 months, that caused me to lose my job and 3rd book that was close to being published, and finally my marriage--which was the catalyst for a major shift in my life. After years of seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual cures, I finally saw that a simple way of questioning my thinking, rooted in The Work of Byron Katie, began a paradigm shift inside me that changed me forever.  I started calling that 'thing' I could depend on like nothing before in my life, "The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness," as it had brought me the ability to USE whatever was scaring, upsetting, or angering me to bring me to a dependable peace and happiness. After training at the 'graduate level' in my heart and in this Work for 6 yeas and becoming Certified and began developing a wellness-of-mind community that would help people change their habits and live the healthy, free, loving lives that are our birthright--prior to believing our own monkey minds (being driven by ego-based programming). I knew that others--the whole world--could not wait so long to get this 'missing PEACE' we were never taught, so , so I set out on a mission to let people know how quickly and radically their lives could change--even those who had been on a long spriitual journey but did not know how to use their own brain's wiring to release the hold of survival-driven thinking was still having on them, so that they could thrive in their minds and relationships, succeed at whatever they tried without self-sabotage, and release fear, blame and competition in time to save our planet together. Now, I teach you, the enlightened seeker, entrepreneur, or just human in pain to thrive and grow a radical and unshakeable kind of self-love that I call Self-Solidarity, through which you will experience unconditional prosperty in your relationships and life. I’d like to show you how to efficiently and lastingly effectively turn around your most painful perceptions to attract all you want and need into your life now.
Some words on Shawn and this Transformation
  • “You are beyond an inspiration, Shawn … .  You are a great wise compassionate guide.
    Susan, Documentary Filmmaker, UK
  • “I’m in.  I’ve drunk the ‘Reliable Symmetry of Happiness Kool-Aid’.  I want to immerse myself in it, become a skilled practitioner of it in my own mind and life, and pass it on to everyone I reach through ‘Bright Line Eating’ to address the monkey mind that erupts when the crutch of food is no longer a go-to option”.
    Susan Piece Thompson, Ph.D. , Neuroscientist, Professor in the Psychology of Sustained Weight Loss, CEO Bright Line Eating Solutions, Rochester NY
  • Can’t thank you enough.  You’re helping me far more in a few sessions than all my years of counseling”.
    Anonymous Client
  • “Thank you for doing this....  It’s clear that you are masterful with ‘The Work’ from all the feedback I’ve heard from multiple people now and I think your work could benefit everyone, and I don’t say that about many things.  I think ‘The Work’ is … well, it’s phenomenal; it’s absolutely transformative.  It doesn’t matter how enlightened you already are, you can go further with ‘The Work’.  It can produce profound breakthroughs that you might not find any other way.  It gets at stuff that we can very effectively avoid in the rest of our lives.  The stuff we are conveniently avoiding—’The Work’ will get at it.  So Yeah, I highly recommend that folks sign on with you”.
    (Recommending my ‘Put The Work to Work in your Business’ teleclass.)
    Ryan Eliason, Internationally known marketing coach and author, The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network, Eugene Oregon
  • “There is deep integrity, Shawn, in what you share … .  It’s palpable and permeates your words and actions.  Your willingness to be both visible and vulnerable is a continual testimony of your dedication to ‘walk your talk’.  I also really appreciate your sense of humor that reads as kindness … such a kind heart  ❤  you have.  So beautiful is ‘The Work’ that you share.  Thanks so much … I value your stand and your commitment to truth, beauty and true care for us all … .  It’s a treasure”.

    Donna Drozda, Fine Artist, Virginia Beach, VA
  • “It is said that what we all want above all things are love and freedom.   I advocate highly for Shawn’s ability to help guide you HOME to both!   Her commitment, love and skill, her patience and guidance, and especially her courage are all for YOU and in service to YOUR HEALING.   I love her and her work!  If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, and get to it, this is the place and Shawn is the person!   I hope to see you at her next event!”
    Dr. Dale Korangy, Acupuncturist, Mother, Grandmother
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About the Author
My name is Shawn Mahshie, I am compelled by a vision to help you free yourself from the areas where you still suffer to grow a life and relationships that thrive--no matter what. Let's get started building your dependable peace and delightful connections together.
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