ready to hack into happiness?

ready to hack into happiness?

Our Must-Have "Wheel of Self-Forgiveness"

Transform guilt, self-criticism, and regret with 3 Simple Steps!

Hopeless obsession and fear of outcomes from actions taken in the past — whether it was 2 minutes or 2 years ago — leave us paralyzed, uninspired, lacking confidence and clarity, and unwilling to take risks. Yet this internal attack I call “regret hell” can be one of the richest opportunities for self-transformation once we know what to do with it!

The Wheel of Self-Forgiveness offers a simple way to recognize and harness the thoughts that would otherwise stand in the way. It is absolutely life-changing to use the very events that used to trigger a horrible state of inner un-forgiveness, to move into instant clarity, self-compassion and confidence. 

This tool lets you come home and stand with, by, and for yourself in a sweet state of inner safety that creates win-win relationships. I call it “Self-Solidarity.” Become the source of your own happiness.

"The Wheel of Self-Forgiveness is a systematic tool to help you re-process some of the most painful things you've held onto.... You can really have grace for that person--YOU--in a totally different way."

no longer your own worst enemy, you can:

  • Find your own innocence so you can forgive yourself completely
  • Stand by yourself no matter what, especially in the face of criticism
  • Overcome fearful reactions to Life and trying to manage others’ anger/blame
  • Create confidence; end indecision
  • Learn exactly how to support yourself
  • Move forward with clarity & lightness

Shawn's powerful Wheel of Self-Forgiveness helped me see that I was not a victim of others' choices, but only of my own thinking!


I realized I was over-relying on my husband to also be my girlfriend and my mom! It’s so much nicer to let him be my husband, and turn to Shawn and others for support. Shawn is a great big ball of love who also has the science to help me feel like I can do or solve anything!

— Amy, Business Analyst, Coach, Mom

"The Wheel of Self-Forgiveness for me was the answer to why I do what I do.... It opens up new avenues to find answers."

"We need to stop turning ourselves into pretzels, putting our own needs last, to please and placate"

I was the poster child for powerful women who disempower themselves when it matters most. But with one simple shift into finding my own innocence, knowing how to finally stand with, by, and for myself, I could begin to stop turining myself into a pretzel to please and placate, no longer diverting my focus from my highest vision for myself and my family. 

As an internationally published author who has touched thousands with my Wheel of Self-Forgiveness, I am well aware that many people who are otherwise powerful, successful and self-assured still disempower themselves when it matters most. I connect people to a spark of warm, unshakable inner safety and self-compassion that transforms fear into freedom. 

I love sharing simple 3-Step ways to turn regret, self-doubt and indecision into radical self-love, confidence and power.

My MISSION is to end self-hatred and ignite a fearless win-win way of life fueled by self-love.
My VISION is a world without blame and shame, where we experience all of life as love. 
My SPECIALTY is expediting happiness and dependable peace.

The road to this place of unshakable inner advocacy and self-compassion that I call Self-Solidarity is a surefire way to get ourselves back. In any part of life…marriage, entrepreneurship, parenthood…I help put each individual in the drivers seat of their life, to determine their own self worth and find validation from within.

Shawn Mahshie

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