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I am 52 years old and I first discovered New Age spirituality and self-improvement strategies in my early twenties. Since then, I have tried nearly every spiritual practice known to man and studied under or with innumerable spiritual gurus. 

It wasn’t until I met Shawn and started working with her that I finally started to experience real change in my life. Shawn not only teaches The Work, which is a wonderful practice, she is a gifted pioneer, guiding others in learning to love oneself and life exactly as it shows up. 

I’ve not met many people who are so truly in the moment, so giving of oneself, as Shawn is when she is leading someone to discover their own power and inner beauty. She is a natural empath and an innovative mentor who always sees the potential and gifts of every soul. I am grateful beyond words for her presence in my life.

You know how sometimes one choice changes everything? Choosing this college, moving to that city? Buying this house, marrying that guy? One day in March 2017 a butterfly fluttered its wings in Brazil, and a Shawn-shaped love-tornado spun my way.
The year my dad died was a tough one. Even though he was really sick and really old, it was a surprisingly big blow when he died.
I was casting about, trying to figure out what in the world mattered, when a message arrived in my inbox. It was a Meetup notification for a Byron Katie group led by someone named Shawn.
Byron Katie is a thought-leader I was interested in, so this seemed like a cool coincidence, and I decided to go.
In a quick succession I:
· Went to the Meetup
· Met Shawn Mahshie
· Signed up for her retreat
· And fell into the whirl of her love-tornado
The thing about Shawn’s retreats is that people tell the truth. Have you ever been to a place where everyone is telling the truth? Me neither, until that day. It’s hard to describe without sounding weird.
It felt alive and clean and clear and a little bit exhausting. It felt like a huge Q-tip had gone into my brain and removed all the extra. All the fake and the pretend and the worried.
The thing about Shawn is that she moves in her own orbit. She has her own time zone. She is always “right here.” And it is always “right now.”
Shawn follows whatever sparks her attention. She is intuitive and fearless and a fierce lover of life. She has a way of flowing through life. And she has this crazy ability to love people exactly as they are. And from what I can tell, when you love someone as they are, with no motive, that is when they can change.
And that is Shawn’s gift. To help people change by not trying to change them.

Jacqueline Dickey 🎥

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Many of you have been hearing variations on the theme that my husband does and says things that leave me feeling undermined, demeaned, disempowered. And, of course the turnaround is that I do and say things that leave me feeling undermined, demeaned, disempowered. I’ve been finding this turnaround for many years because I’ve been abandoning myself in such situations as long as I can remember. But, I haven’t been finding my way out of the pattern. Recently, Shawn has been calling me on it and I have been noticing and, in paying attention, begun “getting out of the hole more quickly.” With Shawn’s help, I’ve begun seeing how ingrained it’s been to give up myself, my strengths, my knowledge, my power, even my autonomy, redefining myself by other people’s judgments of me, even while knowing those strengths, even while knowing my capabilities, even deciding to do so because it just felt so damn familiar to step into that hole and abandon myself. With her help, though, I’m learning to listen to that littlest part of myself. I have a lot of listening to do yet. Right now, my most important job is to listen and discover the human being in my skin. I know this is an important step.
This woman saved my relationship. Seriously. In December of this year my partner & I were very close to what I thought was going to be a break-up. Turns out it was just time for a major RELATIONSHIP BREAKTHROUGH ~ which we had thanks to support from Shawn Mahshie and her incredible system of Radical Relationship Relief. If you are struggling in ANY of your relationships ~ with your partner, your kids, your family, work colleagues, or friends ~ or your SELF lol ~ she will shift your reality so you never look back. I highly recommend working with Shawn Mahshie to transform your way of perceiving this whole situation ~ she will totally support you to transform EVERYTHING and get the shift you are seeking. I have often felt the same way ~ even when I am getting mostly a positive response ~ but maybe some people aren’t responding at all. (I just want to email my list sometimes and be like HELLO!!! I just poured out my heart to you ~ SAY SOMETHING!!! Hahaha. Shawn Mahshie offers sessions doing The Work ~ I’d really recommend connecting with her to shift this.
Josea Tamira Crossley
I just want to send a big thank you hug out to Shawn Mahshie for staying up late with me the other night to help me work through some really painful stuff. She just has this amazing way of getting to the heart of the matter, of cutting through the BS quickly and efficiently while always remaining kind and gentle. She helps me see that I’ve been telling myself stories for years that at best just aren’t true and at worst have been causing me loads of unnecessary pain. I’ve still got some work to do, but knowing Shawn is there with me gives me hope that I will get there!!!!!
You’ve helped me with my depression and anxiety more than anyone or anything else ever has. I feel I was meant to find you, Shawn. Even when I’m not talking to you I hear your sweet voice when I start to have scary thoughts. I’d love to be able to help other people like that some day. As I become more and more stable, I’m excited about being trained to share your methods with others or work as part of your team.
Corrie Nativi
Working with Shawn Mahshie was simply amazing. I love her Happiness Hacks. Shawn has the most effective, powerful technique called the “Reliable Symmetry of Happiness” – whatever upsets you is actually the key to set you free. Even people who have been on a lifelong spiritual journey will find the fastest path to freedom. Whether you are in a stuck marriage, have issues with your closest relationships, or still struggle with anxiety, anger and alienation, Shawn gets radical healing results.
Bret Gregory
Self-help coach
So much love to you! I feel healthier than ever. This work with you has been profound. I'm more than OK; I was happy all day and accomplished a lot (despite this being the anniversary of his infidelity and eventual divorce and my decluttering our former home today). I'm grateful that I've had you and the group to help me be very clear and clean, and that I was able to do it alone; I can see it would have been terrible for me and my son to have gone through an addictive transitional relationship just to ease the pain. Instead I feel grounded and centered.
Christy Baker
Shawn is a caring, enthusiastic, dynamic, committed cheerleader for me, and for all of her clients! She supports us as we put our nagging, negative thinking into perspective with her Six Shifts of Self-Evolution. After every coaching session, I come away much lighter, hopeful, and in solidarity with myself. To take it further, in our Aligned Action Adventure group, I’m enjoying tangible results as she moves us into taking action steps toward realizing our dreams. She is also a wonderful role model and inspiration for me as she’s a woman in the world who is super-high functioning, without all the troublesome gunk of believing “the stinking thinking.” She gives me courage and determination to stay the course in her programs, propelling me in the direction of standing for myself as she does for herself. I’m touched that Shawn always recalls the details of my challenges, understands the big picture and how those details fit into it, and is right there to lift me up and celebrate my successes. With gratitude I can say that one of those celebrations is having her alongside me on this journey of life.
Claudia Baldwin
You spend most of your life inside your head… make it a nice place to be.” Yes! And this is what Shawn helps with! She’s the interior decorator of inside your head, teaching how to make it a quiet, relaxing space. ❤️ I’ve been thinking lately that when my anxiety and depression are really bad, I don’t have any place “cozy” to escape to. Nothing feels safe. But now that I’m learning to focus on making inside my head a nicer place to be, that can be my cozy safe place! I love what you wrote to help me see my health and housekeeping challenges with clarity and compassion! Thank you for being you and for loving us all unconditionally while showing us how to do that for ourselves! You really are an amazing person and I love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️
Corrie Nativi
Thankfully I had Shawn as my coach to navigate the waters of being home full-time with my husband during COVID, which as we all know is really about navigating the waters of our own inner conversation and giving our Littlest Selves the love and nurturance we need…. The Adult part of me (I now call her my Amazonian Queen) enjoys the business part and getting stuff done, but after a year of solid one-on-one coaching with Shawn, I know what to do to take care of Her.
Steph Ormin
I felt inspired by Shawn's video message about giving MYSELF all these things (that I think I need from others) in a soft and gentle way -- like the sweet caretaker of a child. I can see how compassionately caring for those "littlest parts of me,” the little girl version of myself that wanted her mom's attention so badly, but also feared it, would help that anger and fear and frustration go. I can mindfully shift my attention to myself, not as another means to scrutinize myself, but as a way of caring for myself better -- physically and emotionally.
Thank you very much for our wonderful session as well as clear guidance on my habitual patterns of thinking. The more familiar I am with this program, the less scared I feel. Thank you again for all your hard work on my behalf. I’ll miss you very much while I’m away -- especially your beautiful, heartwarming smile🙏!
Anonymous Drama-Free Divorce Client
I’m grateful for your consistent support and unconditional ❤️ love. I truly appreciate your beautiful being, inside and out. It’s not always easy to be there for someone, but you’ve been there for me in every way through this arduous and frightening process of extracting myself from my marriage. For the first time in many years, I feel hopeful, completely supported, and so much clearer and stronger with you in my corner. I’m grateful for your consistent support.
Anonymous Drama-Free Divorce Client
I can facilitate and lead women so much more effectively now, because I do not need to control. I have a strong will but a soft ego, and don't need to be in the spotlight and love to watch others find their inner power and free themselves (credit here goes to Shawn for working with me for the last year and a half to coach me on how to really, truly free myself)….
Steph Ormin
Shawn, you are my Guardian Angel! I owe you my EVERYTHING! You are solely the reason for everything good that has happened to me in the past few years. My growth as a character, as an empathetic human being, as a provider for my family, as a loving person to my peers and loved ones. I owe every inch of betterment to you. You gave me my first shot to actually be my own man, trusted my abilities and directed me to a wonderful path. It will be an understatement to say that my life changed in these four years. My mother is so proud of me whenever I see into her eyes, my friends and family give me so much respect, I managed to move to such a nice place which I never truly never imagined I will ever be able to pull off. Sending my brother for higher studies. And now this, I am getting married and I can take care of all the expenses and responsibilities on my own, which is 95% not the case here. All of it is possible today because you gave me a chance and accepted me with open arms. THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :’)
Daniel Stevens
I took a big step today. Last week I had a good session with Shawn, and last night had a good one with my partner. And I just sent a text to my son, from whom i’ve been estranged for 11 plus years, and out of contact for over a year and a half. He kept telling me he didn't want me in his life so I gave him some space. I have wanted to write him since COVID started, and Shawn was adamant that I take care of the parts of me that were terrified to send the text, patiently helping me get completely through my fears before sending it. Hard to believe, but I got free and sent it! I’m sitting here now, not having expectations, and happy to celebrate a NO from him, if I even get much response. AND happy for my taking action. I AM a good Mom, regardless of what he says. I am taking care of myself and my little girl, for a change.
Ginny Walsh
Hi Shawn, I've been thinking about you, your mission to teach us how to heal ourselves, and the wonderful retreats I attended.

This year and the previous three have really stirred up a lot of the good and bad in humans. I think relationships (with others and ourselves) are more fragile than ever. The judgments, criticism, blame game and ultimately unbelievable behavior in the world arena, which has caused much damage, has trickled down to the personal level.

Learning to accept the ”what is” and the reactions of myself and others has really tested my ""if only they would do XYZ. . ."" belief.

Your videos and the material from the retreats has really helped me get through some confusing and painful events. Just about every morning, before I get into my day, I read ""The Fast-Forgiving Shift Guide."" It's amazing how it sets me up for a calmer day. ""The Wheel of Self-Love"" along with the ""Six Keys"" also keeps me grounded.

I'm still occasionally triggered by what is happening outside of my control, but after a few deep breaths I sit back and watch it like a drama series. I just don't like being the main character and I still think I know how it should work out. It's funny that I can see that process and be able to smile and think of you and your loving quest to help others navigate through the effects of the monkey mind.

I also pay attention to my food, water intake and exercise. If those are off, I'm definitely off. I remember you talking about that aspect during the retreats. "Relax into not knowing"" has been my mantra this past year. It hasn't been easy letting go of the control mindset, but I realize it's much more pleasant (physically and mentally) to just watch as life unfolds.

So thank you again, Shawn. I'm so grateful to have found you and your work.
Erica Bodner
I don't know how I ever got so out of touch with myself and nature, and just so glad I was able to reclaim something from the past (physical wellness) and also see all the beauty, and to realize my present, my mind, my spirit are healed in a way I didn't think was possible. Thank you Shawn. I Love you
Christy Baker
I used to spend so much of the time feeling overwhelmed with all the things that I need to do, and then often find a sort of paralysis setting in, or being so scattered and frazzled trying to do everything that I can't focus and finish anything. I was also very frustrated that my family wouldn't pitch in and help when I asked them to, and feeling very hopeless and depressed. Shawn addressed this in one session through our inquiry yesterday, and gave me concrete suggestions for a simple action plan -- a plan for ME, not for how to browbeat my family into shouldering some of the burden. These steps shifted MY attitude and MY behavior, and as a result, I had a calm, flowing, productive day. And as a bonus, with me not being such a tyrant, my family stepped up to help without even being asked! Her advice is applicable to every situation, and already has brought me so much more peace and happiness. Best of all, Shawn is helping me see in SO many ways that this work is always between ME and ME, and so is completely within my control and doesn't depend on someone else behaving the way I want them to in order to make me happy. Truly transformational!
Dear Shawn, This is the most beautiful, useful and true writing I have read in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing it. I will be reading it over and over and sharing it with family and friends. With gratitude and love, Allison
I love that for the first time in years, all my family relationships are at peace as I'm headed into the holidays.
Caroll Kerr
prosperity coach
Dear sweet Hawnie, Wow!! Your place is so beautiful, in every season!! What a joy it must be for you to live there. And your place looks immaculate, and so gorgeous. I can only dream of living in such a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing that with me. I LOVE the letter you wrote. It’s like you read my mind, knowing what I’m going to say even before I think it. You even nailed the part about the regret stabbing me in the stomach — just reading about that made it happen. And the full house/poker line was priceless!!! What a radical approach to take to decluttering — I will try that. This was a very good instructional, yet kind, article, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness in writing it. I’m sure it will be very helpful to others as well. Love you!”
A Client with Debilitating Clutter Issues
After reading her "cry for help" message about suicide on FB, I knew I needed to send my friend to you, Shawn. You just have a magical way of turning things around in people's lives; thank you so much for always being so willing to help.
Alice Josselyn
Had a great session with Shawn today. I've been feeling so trapped by my lack of vision and she really encouraged me to see that I am actually getting what I ask for, one baby step at a time. When I stop judging every moment of my life by what I think are the acceptable standards, I can actually appreciate what I've already got going for me. Feeling so much better today about possibilities and Life!
Erica Bodner
I met Shawn at my very first Meetup last Winter, then signed on for her Spring retreat! It was so transformative, fun, and helpful that I made the commitment to be in her Symmetry of Self-love year-long MasterMind Group…which includes group and partner work, and deep (but also fun and funny!) private coaching with Shawn that just keeps gets richer and better all the time. The “stuck” aspects of my inner life (and my family life, my work, my physical pain) have all improved SO MUCH with each investment in my own happiness and in Shawn’s helpful practical structures, phenomenal coaching, and warm, accessible support. Best of all, I now know how to turn my own emotional pain into big gifts–and I’ve made life-long connections with open, fun, self-responsible folks who know it too. I highly recommend working with Shawn! Even if you think you’ve “done it all,” in working on yourself, this can change your life like nothing you’ve done before
Amy Koren
This is by far the best I’ve EVER read about relationship breakups and ‘decision’ (and I’m just gracefully going through the end of a beloved relationship). Oh my god, this is SO good. Thank you so much!!
Angela G
There are no words to tell you how thankful I am for having spent this weekend with you. The support emotionally, for my physical condition, and for helping me out in the kitchen was amazing. Shawn is so wonderful to share her beautiful oasis with us. She does The Work with us, but there is so much more. Her years of study and knowledge of areas like Transactional Analysis, co-dependency, and spirituality provide a safe space at her retreats as she shares her wisdom with us. Her spirit of play, vulnerability, generosity, and joyous self-acceptance made this weekend as much fun as it was helpful. I loved the swimming and dancing! Thank you Shawn, and thank you all, for this life-changing experience