Take the guesswork out of inner work

You really can take the guesswork out of inner work, and it doesn’t require a lifetime of hard work, either.

YES! Life will show you—via each challenge—exactly what is needing to transform in you. Which becomes your direct (and often instant) path out of that challenge with the NO-MATTER-WHAT Way.

IF you’re like I was, still compromising and censoring yourself even after all your inner work, it’s such a relief to have a reliable way to shift. To stop draining your energy to please those who don’t support your vision. To find your voice, trust your decisions, and strike a happy balance between success, self-care, and service.

Learn in a weekend, the simple tools you need to find your voice, trust your decisions, and strike a happy balance between success, self-care, and service, all while at Shawn Mahshie’s 18th Women’s Retreat at the unbelievable—words and photos cannot do it justice—Chesapeake Paradise.

guesswork out of inner work

You are invited to a lovely fall retreat weekend here at Chesapeake Paradise (Nov 9-12, 2023)  Come meet your own perfect inner guide and become the source of your own happiness and success. Discover and apply the startlingly simple Symmetry Principle to a stressful concept or relationship in your life, and watch it change before your eyes.

Those who come back year after year say its because they get JUST the transformation they needed—different at every stage of their evolution to greater peace, freedom, health, prosperity, and fun!

How? When all of your inner work hasn’t seemed to elicit the change you had hoped for…

If defensiveness, disappointment, and vulnerability still hold you back, my simple process will show you that “ELUSIVE HOW” to navigate tough situations, reverse emotional reactivity, and transform the relationship with yourself, others, and life.

We get to know each other in a fun way and level the playing field so that new folks and old-timers dive right into a situation where you would like someone to see you, or treat you differently. Using The Work of Byron Katie, one of the pillars in my NO-MATTER-WHAT Way, you get to work through your own situation, and also hear from others in the “heart seat” about their own situation. (It could be you if you’d like, but no one has to share unless they want to. Perfectly fine to just listen.)

We will also use the Wheel of Self-Forgiveness, the other Pillar of my NO-MATTER-WHAT Way, in addition to trying on the Defensiveness Dialogue. The basic pieces of my work are what retreat guests never forget. They utilize them over and over in continuing their own personal deep work when they are home after the retreat.

Click the link BELOW to check out this gorgeous spot and each lovely private or common-space accommodation here at Chesapeake Paradise. Choose what fits your budget and preference—between the spectacular rooms and views of Paradise House, the quiet, close-to-the-water Cottage, The Carriage house, and even our Camper near the woods. All home-cooked and delicious healthy meals are provided by our wonderful chefs, and you can roam the grounds and soak up the gorgeous fall colors, discover breathtaking sparkles on the water, take out a canoe or kayak, and relax into the deepest peace that feeds your soul.

Come early and relax if you’d like. Sit in the peace of our sweet sacred spot as we “mini-retreat” into becoming the Curious Compassionate Caretaker of the littlest parts of you. You can come early on the start date and relax in this peaceful spot, grab a swing or snooze on the hammock, bring a picnic or a book, do yoga on the pier, or just hang with Winnie (our sweet playful dog).

It is time to finally take the guesswork out of inner work and achieve that lasting change you’ve been working so hard for. I do hope to see you there!

With a Warm Heart,
🙂 Shawn


P.S. Here’s a sneak peak at just ONE of the peaceful and gorgeous accommodations here at Chesapeake Paradise. Being the guest that gets to reserve The Flat is quite a prize! It is one of the most luxurious, talked-about, relaxing, and private spaces here and was voted “Most Wished for Airbnb in Maryland” by Travel+Leisure Magazine. Grab it before someone else does!

FYI – This video also shows The Solarium, which is available to rent as a BONUS with The Flat any time of the year. However, DURING RETREATS—The Solarium is offered as a completely separate second-story accommodation with a balcony and windows on 3 sides!


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