Overwhelmed Client Reverses her Mindset on Holiday Have-To’s

End Overwhelm for the Holidays

As the holiday season fast approaches, have you ever found yourself saying something like the off-hand “slapped in the face” and “needed to do” comments I noted as a client … Read more

How Self-Solidarity Transforms Family Dynamics at X-mas

support this holiday

#anger “Mom is going to be an emotional wreck because the pies aren’t perfect” #shame “I’ve still not lost the weight they judged me for last Christmas” #guilt “Uncle Bob … Read more

Hope, Clarity, Prosperity—A Warm Dependable Way of Being

standing in self-solidarity

Why is it that in this season, we give ourselves permission to be the people we wish we were all the time? We have Hope for the year ahead. We … Read more

Holding the Parts of You that DON’T Feel Grateful

feel grateful

Sometimes, doing a gratitude list is great. But when you can’t shift the feeling of being a victim of something that is out of your control–and then you add guilt … Read more

What mask are you wearing and hiding behind?

what mask are you wearing

Many of us wear masks to protect ourselves and others, but the kinds of masks I refer to in this Annual Happy Halloween post don’t protect you as much as … Read more

Women’s Retreat! Self-Love Breakthroughs

women's retreat

Join Shawn Mahshie, a Master Coach, in her 18th Women’s Retreat at Chesapeake Paradise in Maryland. In early November, she will lead a group of women to discover how to … Read more

Prosperity via Self-Love Retreat Success!

It was absolutely delightful meeting and being with all the retreat participants!  Seeing how quickly everyone bonded, what incredible friends and supports they were for each other, and how much … Read more

Looking for Community, Friendship, Support?

Looking for COMMUNITY, FRIENDSHIP, SUPPORT with all of these strong, powerful, amazing women? 💖 (NOTE: The idea for this message about friendships was conceived/drafted by someone who feels she has … Read more