light landing

Chesapeake Waterfront Retreat

Take One Delightful Afternoon/Evening for Yourself...

Wind Down Summer with Like Minds, Nature, and MUSIC, as you
Wind-UP to Fall with an Innovative Approach!

An Aligned Life Lift-Off!

Sponsored by Unity by the Bay and A Community of Transformation(ACT)

Get Clarity & Connection at Shawn Mahshie's Mini "Roadmap Retreat" with Happiness Hour Refreshments and Private House Concert by Sahffi

Unity, ACT, & Arlington Metaphysical Chapel Members, the LOVE YOURSELF HAPPY Community, and Friends of Light Landing....

Come and Have Fun Seeing through YOUR BIG “WHY NOT’s--and Bond with Others as They See through Theirs--then Relax with Wine/Lemonade and Light Refreshments, and Music. (ALso a kick-off for the September Unity Event. TBA)

Socialize or Play in our BEAUTIFUL SPOT, and Listen to some amazing LIVE Music in a House CONCERT by the Ever-Popular SAHFFI

Come away with Clarity, Motivation, and DO-ABLE next steps to move into Self-Aligned Action


  • A Simple Roadmap to Turn Your Spiritual Realizations into Practical Realities in Your Life
  • Expert Instruction and Hands-On Manifestation Mentoring by Shawn Mahshie
  • Tools to move Organically and Fearlessly into an Aligned Action Adventure on  a postponed dream or a spiritual “holdout” area of your life
  • Private Get-Away and Play time at Light Landing, our World-Class Local Retreat Center with Break Snacks, Wine/Lemonade/Light Refreshments
  • Follow-Up Support to embrace whatever shows up when you move into action and let it evolve you.
  • JUMP STARTS a deeper Aligned Action Adventure Workshop at Unity…. with valuable bonus for those who attend both

Event Details

August 17, 2019

(Be sure to register below....

1:30 - 4:30 pm:
Aligned Life Lift-Off: A Summer Wind-Down/Fall Wind-Up Mini-Roadmap Retreat (Workshop Seating is Limited to the first 24 people) 4:45-7:30:
“Munch, Mingle, and MUSIC” Happiness Hour Wine/Lemonade and Light Refreshments will be served with LIVE House Concert by SAHFFI!

NOTE: THIS EVENT IS A KICK-OFF FOR THE UNITY (Sept 18-Oct 2; 6:30-8:30 PM) and ARLINGTON METAPHYSICAL CHAPEL (Sept 14...all day) WORKSHOPS, "The NO-MATTER-WHAT Way: Awakening to Self-Symmetry."


Light Landing
1087 Rodgers Road
Churchton, MD 20733
(just 20 minutes south of Annapolis Harbor Center)

Questions? 1-785-0545 (c/text or email support@shawnmahshie.com for the location)


The $30 per person Contribution (Also Shared with UNITY AND SAHFFI)  Includes entire afternoon experience. evening entertainment, fun, and food! 

For questions: Call or text Shawn at (301) 785-0545 or email support@shawnmahshie.co 

For QUESTIONS or to Personally RSVP: Call or text Shawn at (301) 785-0545 or email support@shawnmahshie.com.

To see more about Light Landing, shawnmahshie.com/light-landing

To learn more about Shawn Mahshie, LOVE YOURSELF HAPPY, visit shawnmahshie.com/waterfront-retreats

So What IS Self-Solidarity?

Self-Solidarity is the idea that at the same time you are undoing so much of the ego’s story and dismantling your old programmed self, you begin to meet and fall completely in love with–and become a compassionate and unshakable advocate for–the most tender part of you that is still holding on to your thinking (and thus innocently creating whatever remains of your suffering).

In this sweet self-reconciliation, you become who you really are: the unconditional forgiveness, warm understanding, and unfailing self-love and inner advocacy that cannot come from anyone else (and yet in finding it, you connect to EVERYTHING else). As a result, you and the small scared parts of yourself begin to experience the deep and absolute belonging to each other that allows you to fearlessly embrace whatever life brings!

By compassionately exposing the fallacy in the worse-case scenarios that survival mind generates—we discover that the cost of beating ourselves up, of failing to support our own best efforts, and of so quickly ‘abandoning’ our most innocent, well-meaning selves is worse–for ourselves, others, and the planet–than ANY other consequence we fear. Whatever you have experienced of this, it is just the tip of the iceberg. If you continue, this sacred sense of self-solidarity will become the mainstay of your existence and a mainline to what is beyond existence.

Turning your inner critic into the champion of your life is so much easier than you thought.  

The Outcome: A Fearless, Win-Win Way of Life Fueled by Self-Love and Service. 🙂

Wind Down Summer at Light Landing