The Self-Solidarity™ Circle

A Self-Evolution and UN-Conditional Connection Community

Turn your inner critic into the champion of your happiness.

You CAN create a life you love, And know you'll be OK, No Matter What.

Shawn Mahshie’s Self-Solidarity Circle (SSC) provides a safe structure for all levels of learning, growth, and reliable sustainable relief, as well as a rich opportunity to pay forward this life-changing inner peace advocacy work. It’s built around Shawn’s Self-Solidarity Solution™ model, which dismantles the disempowering programming that puts anxiety, blame, shame, self-criticism, regret/guilt, and codependent entanglements in the forefront of mind’s misguided survival strategies- destroying self-confidence, relationships, health, and happiness. 


Start Fresh or Come Back?
Are You Ready for …

  • Tangible, sustainable change in your life as you turn your inner critic into the champion of your happiness?
  • A decrease in anxiety, anger, and alienation in  your relationship with yourself, others, and life?
  • A increase in peace, support, freedom, clarity, productivity, truly lasting life-changing skills, and unconditional connection to what unfolds each day?
  • A rare sense of safey, honesty, and connection as together we turn our biggest challenges into our biggest breakthroughs?

As you grow in Self Solidarity and become the hero your littlest self has been waiting for, you’ll see yourself becoming the YOU you’ve always wanted be in life, with Shawn and community members modeling the warm supportive reciprocity with self, others, and life (SOAL) that you’ve always wanted.

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Membership in this Warm Circle
of UnConditional Connection and Self-Metamorphosis includes

3 types of “LIVE-WITH-SHAWN” events that rotate each month:


UN-Conditional Connection Clinic*
Live online Tiny-Retreat. Teaching, Laser Coaching, Celebrations, Q&A *2 hours or longer as needed.


Partner Practice Lab**
Targeted Skills, Powerful Shifts, Fun Connection **Basic Training required.


Deep Dive Day***
Work together through biggest challenges to unshakable inner safety. *Basic training required.

As well as ongoing MONTHLY LESSONS, SOLUTIONS, & 24/7/365 Online FORUM:


Living in Symmetry Lessons.

Monthly Focus for Life-altering learning via tools for evolving
into Self-Solidarity..


Self-Evolution Solutions.

Simple monthly
topic-based exercise
& consciousness practice.


Fearless Faith & Fun Forum

Private 24/7/365 Facebook discussion group available for support & camaraderie.

“The Circle” provides the basis for ever-deepening peace, freedom, unconditional thriving and mastery in the practice of Living in Symmetry (eradicating the polarities of blame and shame via The Work and the Wheel of Self-Love). Offering innovative content and rich fun opportunities for giving and receiving self-responsible support for yourself and others, it also serves as the hub and content/community foundation for the courses, workshops, masterminds, and retreats in Thrive This Time’s Center for Self-Solidarity.

Come on in!

Ongoing with a 9-Month Minimium….Normally only $197/Month (Just $1997 with a bonus mini-private-retreat with me when paid Annually)! This “Spring special” gets you the Founder’s Club price of $147 (or $1124 when pay for your 9-month package in full–including full-pay bonus mini-retreat with Shawn).

I am 52 years old and I first discovered New Age spirituality and self-improvement strategies in my early twenties. Since then, I have tried nearly every spiritual practice known to man and studied under or with innumerable spiritual gurus. 

It wasn’t until I met Shawn and started working with her that I finally started to experience real change in my life. Shawn not only teaches The Work, which is a wonderful practice, she is a gifted pioneer, guiding others in learning to love oneself and life exactly as it shows up. 

I’ve not met many people who are so truly in the moment, so giving of oneself, as Shawn is when she is leading someone to discover their own power and inner beauty. She is a natural empath and an innovative mentor who always sees the potential and gifts of every soul. I am grateful beyond words for her presence in my life.

With your membership you also get:

Periodic “surprise-and-delights” & Facebook LIVEs to enhance your journey

A PRIVATE “Self-Sabotage to Self-Solidarity Session” with Shawn

A Discounted Ticket to “THRIVE THIS TIME LIVE” Annual Virtual Conference…

DISCOUNTS on Private coaching (limited number of spots)

QUESTIONS?  Shawn or a team member will be available to answer questions or provide support between 9 am – 9 pm Sunday. Call or text +1-301-785-0545, or email support@shawnmahshie.com
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Shawn Mahshie, CEO of the Center for Self-Solidarity, is an internationally published author and thought leader in the field of self-evolution and compassion. Her body of work offers a practical, reliable model for harnessing whatever hurts as an efficient and personalized portal to peace and thriving, teaching simple steps that harness the “Symmetry” contained in any problem to transform tenacious patterns of anxiety, guilt, regret, defensiveness, grief, and even depression into instant breakthroughs with sustained results.  

Also a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie with extensive training in energy work and degrees in Education and Linguistics, Shawn has spent the past 30 years researching and validating the Symmetry in relationships with self, others, and life and developing a reliable path out of self-criticism that emerges into a state of unshakable inner safety she calls SELF-SOLIDARITY. A highly accessible coach and mentor, Shawn leads eye-opening trainings and warm transformative masterminds online, as well as fun intimate waterfront retreats, in-person at her home, Light Landing Retreat, on the Chesapeake Bay near Washington DC.

Tuck Your Sacred Self Safely into this Win-Win Way of Life

The Center for Self-Solidarity is dedicated to sharing the simple science of UNConditional Connection to Self, Others, and Life (SOAL).  Through reliable models for Living in Symmetry (harnessing what hurts as a personalized portal to peace) members learn to reliably reveal and reverse blame, shame, and fear of their own reactions—and of the people and situations they believe are causing them—resulting in clarity, resilience, forgiveness, freedom and a kind of unshakable inner advocacy called Self Solidarity.  This simple, efficient path to self evolution evolves even the most tenacious issue with relationships, bodies, purpose, and prosperity into a “Fearless Win-Win Way of Life Fueled by Self Love, Service, and Aligned Action.”  With the Self-Solidarity Circle as the hub for all 5 levels of Self-Metamorphosis, clients in CSS’s online courses and masterminds, in-person workshops and retreats, and comprehensive private coaching pods experience reliable sustainable results, turning their greatest life challenges into their greatest life breakthroughs as they turn their inner critics into the champion of their happiness.