SOAL Private Coaching & Mentoring

Private Coaching Relationship
with Shawn Mahshie


Are you still stuck, unhappy, anxious, or judgmental toward yourself and others, despite years or even decades of inner work or spiritual practice?  OR ready to really make progress on a goal? Or transform a major life crisis or transition into an opportunity for self-evolution and re-inventing yourself so that you are arriving at thriving?

Does this sound like you:

  • You give much in your family or community, but still struggle with your own relationships, money, or health issues.
  • Despite all your spiritual understanding and self-knowledge, you still can’t seem to “get present” or get past major issues (like chronic illness or pain, relationship with your spouse or grown children, or the current political situation).
  • You are ready to stop agreeing to aspects of your life that no longer fit and get yourself back on track and happy!

Love your pain and "stuckness" into a priceless path to peace...Start creating a Fearless Win-Win life fueled by Self-Love

Then it’s time to give some real, reliable, no-matter-what help to your dearest Self; give yourself a foolproof way to USE whatever upsets you as your direct path to peace.

Access the inner safety and UN*Conditional connection to Self, Others, and Life (also “SOAL”) that have eluded you for so long, so you can stop searching and begin to relax into a life that finally fits—no matter what is happening!

In the Shift of a Lifetime (SOAL), an intimate 1:1 private coaching relationship with Shawn (VIrtual or in person), you get to LOVE YOURSELF HAPPY by USING your painful, stuck places as your tailor-made path to dependable peace, and warm unconditional connection to self, others, and life, creating a life you love via new-found freedom from old self-sabotaging patterns.

At the end of this transformational time, you will wake up and realize that:

Here’s the combination that moves folks into a new personal paradigm. It will change your relationship to all your relationships (especially the one with yourself and your own reactions!):

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It.....

YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, is to enjoy a fun, intimate coaching relationship as you watch judgement, self-loathing, & fear evolve into unconditional connection to yourself, others, and Life. 

Take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity–while Shawn is still offering private coaching–identify and awaken from one or more of your primary painful illusions; to harvest lasting gifts & shifts from your habitual patterns of fear, lack or dysfunction; and to begin to restore a new sense of internal/external safety and fearless faith in yourself and your life.

3 Levels of Service to Match your Time, Budget, and Desire for a Shift that Changes Everything

Each of the levels of service below includes Shawn’s signature fun, intimate sessions (virtual or in-person) where you will  come to count on going away light, clear, hopeful, connected to the very thing that was upsetting you, and often laughing or excited about your next steps.  While you will feel a shift in the specific issues that get resolved, you will quickly notice that each time you are evolving out of the old patterns that created the habitual emotional charges and unwanted knee-jerk reactions.  Shawn will facilitate your self-evolution using her NO-MATTER-WHAT Way approach, which may include The Work, The Wheel of Self love and other Happiness Hacks. 

EVERY SOAL Package Includes:

A Real Relationship of Unconditional Support and Timely Guidance/ Shifts... even BETWEEN Sessions!

Unlimited access to Shawn's private text and email for sharing of challenges, insights, celebrations, questions, support, accountability. Shawn will endeavor to respond within 24 hours or less on weekdays (often on weekends too) and provide guidance, support, or action steps relevant to current challenges

BONUS: Extra Customized "LEG-UP" Support

1-3 impromptu calls per month (15-20 minutes each; Shawn makes every effort to fit it in).

These "Need a 'Leg-Up' NOW" calls are for urgent issues when you know you'd like to shift and handle things differently, but iust need a leg up--some extra support to overcome old patterns and carry you to a new place.

BONUS: Insights, Notes, Content, Recordings!

Support yourself deeply and come away with a rare kind of reflection on your shifts and self-knowledge via your private area that contains recordings (optional) and comprehensive notes
Shawn may also follow up with insights from sessions or send extra content resources she has developed to support your growth, learning, and ability to evolve yourself out of your own stuck or painful situations.

Self-Supporters' and Sustainers Discount

Those who wish to move directly into one of our groups or sign onto another coaching package by the last day of this program receive a major discount on their next program. In some cases will exempt you from price increases (varies by program). All private clients also reclieve special discounts for Shawn's workshops, additional retreats, extra private sessions, and Shawn's other programs and products.

PLUS a BONUS 60-minute Reflection and Direction Session and Customized Ongoing Packages

In this sweet reflection on where you've been and where you still want to go in your shifts, clients start to get a clear picture of their self-sabotage strategies and see clear direction for tranforming these well-meaning but misguided internal nay-sayers and trouble-makers into radical self-love. Taking place one session before the final session in your package, your R and D session also goes allows you to explore options for continued support, discern what feels right for you, and create a plan for moving forward. CUSOTMIZED packages for ongoing support at available at this juncture at the same price levels, but may be spread out over longer periods of time. Those who choose to sustain the continuity of their support with Shawn though groups, private coaching, or retreats get the above features and bonuses.

Find out if this inner-game changer is right for you!

Hey, Completers... you now qualify for a CUSTOMIZED ONGOING PRIVATE COACHING RELATIONSHIP to Support your Self-Evolution Long-Term!

Once you have finished these programs or one of the longer-term groups, you qualify to continue as an ongoing private client with a timeline to fit your needs and budget.  You and Shawn will negotiate the average number of sessions per month/year, and charges will be prorated accordingly based on this same with 6, 12, or 18-session rates, with a new agreement to specify your customized terms. The agreed-upon coaching package and fees will repeat with automatic withdrawals until such time as you provide notice of your wish to stop.  NOTE: You agree to provide notice BEFORE your final payment if you wish to stop or renegotiate your ongoing repeating customized agreement, and to attend at least one wrap-up session. 

Sustainers' Bonus

BONUS: Those how continue on with Shawn in the onoing coaching via the 6, 12, or 18-month repeating packages (with the option to quit any time a package ends) receieve a Virtual or In-Person VIP Half-Day Individual Retreat at Light Landing (or Virtual) with targeted Manifestaion Mentoring, Lunch, and an Aligned Action Life-you-Love Plan with follow-up touch points at each one-year anniversary of ongoing private coaching (there is also an option to spread your half day retreat across two days via a discounted stay at Light Landing).

SOAL Private Coaching & Mentoring