Self-Solidarity and The Work
4 Wednesdays at Unity

Day 1

Here’s where you can find all your resources related to Week 1.

Evolve Yourself Assignments


1) Add the email shawn@happysymmetry.com to your contacts.  If you don’t know how, you can just email me at that address (say as little or as much as you want—or nothing at all—and after that I hope my group emails to you will not bounce.

2) Click into our UNITY WEDNESDAYS HUB!!!  Peruse around and have some fun looking at and opening things.  I will assign videos to watch, so don’t skip ahead too much.  Also feel free to check out www.shawnmahshie.com, where we have more videos etc (and are about to add LOTS more!).  IF you are reading this on the HUB then you are already in the Week ONE assignements; if you are reading this on FB or an email, then go to WEEK ONE and have some fun! This entire pink sentence is the link!

3) OPTIONAL (Well, it’s all optional!).  If you’d like, JOIN our new UNITY THROUGH SELF-SOLIDARITY FB group.  If you want a bit more interaction or involvement with the others and with me, feel free to join the little FB group I created just for you (if you’re reading this on FB, you are already here!).  It is a closed group so folks can see who is in it but can’t see any posts and nothing can be shared to another part of FB. You don’t have to have any other interaction with FB except this.  I’ve never done it for such a short class, but since many of you are already connected it might work well–an experiment.  If you do get on, I’d love for you to post your JYN One-liners, or any celebrations, ah-ha’s, challenging situations, or questions you may have. 

You can also invite others to join if you know they are planning to be part of the UNITY Wednesdays and think they’d be interested. 

Here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/128354417901288/permalink/128394774563919/



As you go through life, notice what’s happening in your body, which will let you know when you are in another’s business or God’s (which includes the past and future).

Keep a notebook, or a file on your phone/tablet, where you write down the stressful thoughts you notice and the situations/people that appear to trigger them (and are actually leading to your freedom!).

Download or at least check out the Beyond Mindfulness Map, and start that practice early in the AM or whenever you feel things are ‘not quite right’ with your emotions. Also download Byron Katie’s “Little Book” (see resources on our HUB) and begin reading it.  Both will support your journey and clarity.


Think about a VERY SPECIFIC situation that is bothering you. Let yourself really drop into the ‘ugliness’ of it.  The Work is meditation.  See it in your mind’s eye.  Then write a short (2-3 sentence) description of your situation.

Then, looking at a JYN Worksheet, type out your responses to #1-6. Keep the concepts simple. If there is more than one in a sentence, consider dividing it into multiple sentences.  (Recently a client said, “I want her to love and respect me and not be jealous of me.”  I made that into “I want her to love and respect me (which could even be two),” and “I want her to not be jealous of me.”)  This way you can do TW separately on these one-liners, and you will get very different results.

Email this worksheet or the one you did last week to your partner, and if possible also post on our FB group.



See BUDDYWORK list in the email or FB post. Call, Text, or Email the buddy whose number matches yours, and find a time to meet. Might be best if you spot a regular time to minimize time spent negotiating every week.


When you meet, decide who will go first. That person will tke 5 minutes or less to give a very short intro and share at least one celebration or shift you’ve experienced related to the Reliable Symmetry of Happiness, and any changes you are starting to notice in your relationship to yourself or others. (Don’t forget to remind each other to post this on our FB group too!)

Share one question or challenge related to this course.  As your partner talks, see if you hear any ‘one-liners’ (thoughts they believe to be true) and jot them down.  If there are no one-liners, but a question, write that too. (Email them to the partner later in case they want to do TW on them or share them on the FB site to get answers and support.


Enjoy that there is little or no cross-talk in this exercise.  Just stick with the ‘script.’  (Except if one is really stuck, you can help each other understand the exercise.)

This same first person becomes the ‘client’ and goes through the JYN you sent your partner, and you both look over the worksheet to see if there are one-liners that could be simplified, etc. The ‘facilitator’ can make suggestions, but the client decides the actual wording and says it to the facilitator, who types in the changes on the emailed worksheet.

Then, client reads your situation synopsis and JYN. After each numbered item, the facilitator asks if there is anything else you want to add. For example, on number 2, you would say,

“Thank you. Is there any other way you want them to change?  Anything else you’d like them to do?” Invite them to ‘rant’ as much as they want on this one.   On number 3, ask if there is any other advice you’d like to give them.  On number 4, ask them to really drop into the most vulnerable part of themselves and see what it is they need. Encourage them to be specific (it’s kind of like the “shoulds” get expanded here into the actual behavior you are looking for, like “I need them to apologize and hold me for a long time;”  “I need them to contribute more to supporting our family by getting a second job.”)

As the client comes up with others, the facilitator writes or types them onto the worksheet, then later sends the new worksheet to the client. Client posts it on the FB group, if you are comfortable with that.

Each client should have approx. ½ hour, then switch.

OPTIONAL EXTRA:  If you have lots of time after re-working the worksheet, the facilitator can start to ask the 4 Questions of The Work that are at the bottom, and even try going into turn-arounds if there is time.  JUST ASK THE QUESTIONS listed—no prompting or sub-questions.  I haven’t taught you this yet…. you would just be starting to play with it.  Notice confusion or questions you have as the client or facilitator and post them under the code QUESTION1 on the FB group.

Another extra…. if you really want as much of this as you can get and have time to do the same exercise with another group member, post under BUDDY1 to let folks know you’d love a partner. (Same is true if you can’t connect or find time with your current partner).   If your partner wants to continue working over the 4 weeks, you will work together at least 3 times; if not, we will give you another one.


Shift of the Week

When someone reads you a JYN–or shares it via writing–I invite you to let your response be just “Thank You.” They have shared a window into their thinking, and there is no need to offer any other kind of support or acknowledgement or tell that you have experienced the same thing during or after the sharing of a worksheet.  To receive that gift is the best and most respectful and supportive gift of all, so the only reply you need to this weeks’ JYN post assignment (other than a LIKE if you want) is THANK YOU (unless the person specifically asks for feedback).

Love Notes

Be like a Penguin and “Just dive in and get started!” You may just find yourself swimming in a sea of love (and when it feels like you’re not, that’s lovely food for The Work!).
Love, Shawn