Stressful Relationship Solution Digital Course


The “Stressful Relationship Solution” digital course, designed by Shawn Mahshie, is a transformative program aimed at turning relationship challenges into opportunities for personal growth and peace. This practical course uses the “Symmetry Principle,” a concept developed by Shawn, to offer effective tools for achieving peace and freedom in relationships. Participants will learn to understand and reverse the underlying brain wiring responsible for fear, trauma, and negative patterns, fostering unconditional connection and fulfillment.

The course promises major shifts in personal relationships and overall life, helping participants move from anger, anxiety, and alienation to clarity, joy, and fun. Participants will gain insights on handling situations that previously caused dread and learn to shift from upset into peace and curiosity.

The program includes 15 in-depth video trainings, featuring meditations, exercises, and resources, all accessible through an interactive online portal. Participants can choose to receive one training daily over two weeks or complete them at their own pace. The course emphasizes tracking and celebrating progress with each step.

Additionally, enrollees receive personalized support and coaching from Shawn, access to her exclusive online groups for further support and strategy, and discounts on retreats and other courses. Bonus materials include the “Wheel of Self-Love” package, tickets to a transformative virtual event, the “Radical Relationship Relief Blueprint,” and a personal session with Shawn upon course completion.

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What Is The Stressful Relationship Solution?

A Simple, Reliable Way To Move From Pain To Peace In Your Most Reactive

Relationships, NO MATTER WHAT Is Happening

This compact course is packed with real help for your relationships – even in areas where you have been stuck for decades. By honing in on just ONE unmet need in ONE relationship, you’ll take a deep – but fun and freeing – dive into this simple “HOW” of lasting relationship freedom.

Get a hands-on introduction to The Work of Byron Katie, and begin your journey into Shawn Mahshie’s NO-MATTER-WHAT Way of systematically revealing and reversing the brain wiring where fear, trauma, painful patterns, or unforgiveness reside, opening a happy daily flow of UN*Conditional Connection and Enoughness.

A practical approach with a powerful ripple effect. Transform any relationship stressor into your direct path to dependable peace and warm connection.