Self-Sabotage Styles Report


This report provides details for each style, including common mistakes & pitfalls, and what can happen if these pitfalls are not addressed. The Self-Sabotage Styles Report also includes information about what you can do once you become truly aware of your Style(s).

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While we each have a primary Self-Sabotage Style, learning about all Five Styles has great value. Your style can be flipped into a superpower. Understanding the other styles lets you spot and reverse them, as well as understand how others are innocently sabotaging themselves, making it easier to forgive, connect and communicate.

Recognizing the styles is the beginning of truly getting out of your own way so that life steps up to support you at every turn. Instead of feeling like a victim or beating yourself up when things go wrong, you begin to move from Self-Sabotage to Self-Solidarity, “the art and science of standing with, by, and for yourself, no matter what.”  Unwanted outcomes will now represent your tailor-made path to peace, reliable self-love, and a warm unconditional connection to yourself, others, and life.