Radical Relationship Relief Blueprint


Whatever or whoever upsets scares, or saddens you absolutely holds the key to greater peace, freedom, and happiness — and a warm dependable connection to yourself and the very person or situation that triggered you.

With this MAJOR SHIFT in paradigm, ‘problems’ look and feel radically different and can shift to being hopeful, solvable, friendlier, and MUCH more fun!

INCREDIBLE BONUS CONTENT & SUPPORT: When you buy this Happiness Hack or the HH Bundle, you will get a link to download the comprehensive LIVING IN SYMMETRY Blueprint & training. It walks you through the NO-MATTER-WHAT model that has helped so many turn their lives around and shows where your Happiness Hack(s) fits in the model. This purchase also comes with access to our Happiness Hacks community of wonderful, self-responsible people, and you’ll be have LIVE opportunities to ask Shawn questions or receive coaching about putting these simple, common sense strategies to work to transform a stressful situation of your own into a reliable path to peace.

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