Happiness Hacks Bundle

$32.00 $19.95

Get the Happiness Hacks Bundle including:

  1. Heartminding
  2. Beyond Mindfulness Map (Chart Your Inner Course to Tangible Results)
  3. Becoming Teachable Triad
  4. The Wheel of Self Love (2 Simple Steps to Radical Self Love, Confidence & Prosperity)
  5. The Forgiveness Flip (7 Steps to Transform Hurt, Anger, Defensiveness Into A Rainbow of Compassion, Freedom & Action)
  6. Free-Fall Into Fearless Faith (… And Let Love Catch You)
  7. All Out Amends Ladder (The Secret To Calm, Connection & Clarity)
  8. Win-Win Solution Matrix (Simple Steps to Clarity & Support of Self & others)

Happiness Hacks Bundle

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