Happiness Hacks Bundle – UPDATED for 2024!


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  1. Whack-A-Worry (Free the Well-Meaning Underlying Motives behind Your Stressful Thoughts)
  2. The Beyond Mindfulness Map (Chart Your Inner Course to Tangible Results)
  3. The Becoming Teachable Triad (Embrace your Sacred Privilege of Being the One Who Can Help You)
  4. The Wheel of Self-Forgiveness (3 Simple Steps to Turn Regret into Radical Self-Love, Confidence & Prosperity)
  5. The Forgiveness Flip (7 Steps to Transform Hurt, Anger, Defensiveness Into A Rainbow of Compassion, Freedom & Action)
  6. Free-Fall Into Fearless Faith (… And Let Love Catch You)
  7. All-Out Amends Ladder (The Secret To Calm, Connection & Clarity)
  8. Win-Win Solution Generator (Simple Steps to Clarity, Aligned Action, Support of Self & Others)

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  1. Whack-A-Worry Featured ImageWhack-A-Worry
    Once you understand how to apply the NO-MATTER-WHAT Way (using The Wheel of Self-Forgiveness or The Work) to see any stressful/worrisome situation through new eyes, you can reliably neutralize the thoughts that drive your unwanted emotions, reactions, and behaviors. Until you do, these unproductive, stress-including thoughts keep popping up wearing different disguises, and keeping depression, anxiety, self-hatred, and reactivity alive. Whack-A-Worry is a simple 4-step way to go UNDER the thoughts and set free the well-meaning—but misguided—motives that keep them coming back. It works on all kinds of repeating stressful thought patterns!
  2. The Beyond Mindfulness Map
    Before you become willing to look at the thinking behind the pain, it is not only kind–but is often critical–to first tune in to the littlest, most clueless part of you (held in your body’s stuck, painful, or uncomfortable reactions).By using this map (at first as a visualization in your mind, then taking the time to chart on paper what you observed), you can give yourself some “first aid” that is a prerequisite to your shift. You’ll start by being with the parts of your body and mind, your “body-mind,” that are stuck in the hopeless patterns of reactivity that create all dysfunction, failed relationships, addiction, and eventually chronic illness and pain.
  3. The Becoming Teachable Triad
    Once you’ve engaged much with the Happy Symmetry held in whatever upsets you, you begin to KNOW that this process has the power to truly shift your painful state in a short period of time (or at least you have come to believe that, from experience). Therefore, anything in you that resists the relief that is always available through the Law of Self-Symmetry clearly has its own powerful agenda and deserves your FULL ATTENTION. The Becoming Teachable Triad is not about forcing yourself to “Seek the Symmetry” in yourself and your situation; it’s about helping out the parts of you that don’t want to!
  4. The Wheel of Self-Forgiveness
    Have you ever left a situation full of anxiety, regret, or even self-hatred, focusing only on what you ‘should have’ done differently and how others will react? Do you sometimes replay the scene indefinitely, tearing yourself down and imagining all the unwanted consequences of your decision?. This hopeless obsession with fearing outcomes from actions you took in the past can leave you clueless and paralyzed–lacking confidence, clarity, inspiration, and willingness to take risks. This very painful state of REGRET HELL, is one of the richest opportunities for self-transformation you will ever encounter, once you know what to do with it.
  5. The Forgiveness Flip
    The idea that we have something to forgive implies that something or someone did something wrong to start with. As we really drop into questioning our thinking, and finding that in many ways there was never a problem (except for our thinking about the situation), we find there actually is nothing to forgive.
  6. Free-Fall Into Fearless Faith
    The real test of our ability to take life as it comes and trust in something greater comes of those situations where our mind cannot envision a happy outcome; there are times when it can only see a scenario that includes catastrophe, tragedy, lack, or loss for ourselves, the planet, or our loved ones. Or maybe our minds can imagine a happy outcome, but they are so attached to that outcome that the idea that it is not likely to happen—or simply won’t happen, and that will be a “BAD” thing–feels very scary.
  7. All-Out Amends Ladder
    What does it mean to make amends? Suppose you have questioned the thinking that left you angry and unforgiving toward yourself or others. You’ve seen for yourself that we are all innocent. That the worst any of us is doing is believing our own stressful thinking and acting out of that to “save” or “help” ourselves or others. Suppose you have even gone so far to see that there is nothing to forgive, i.e. that there was really never a problem to start with, except what was created by your mind’s definition of how you or someone else or life SHOULD be showing up. Is there anything to do after that?
  8. Win-Win Solution Generator
    Where are you not able to get clarity and courage around a situation? Where do you often put your needs last, or not even get in touch with them because you are so busy meeting others’ needs, and then feel resentful? After talking with my 21-year-old daughter about a hard decision she was facing, I sent her this note and shared with her a HAPPINESS HACK I had just used in a session with a client that got remarkable results. Here’s what I wrote and what I want to say to the littlest, most confused part of you. When you find the answers that are yours alone, you support all of us in a way that no one else can…