Get-YOU-Back Bootcamp

From: $397.00 / month for 3 months

In this hands-on, self-paced course…. (where you can also be part of a group with others if you come during our challenge or other enrollment periods)….

You’re about to discover how to turn around the painful parts of your relationships and start moving into a life you truly love. It is completely possible to harness whatever upsets you as a direct path to peace and connection—whether or not others change.


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Give yourself this path to peace and connection if …

You know deep inside that you can’t keep making choices that take you further and further from YOU, and from a life that fits you and feeds you

Even after years of inner work, I still didn’t know how to get ME back. Finally my life crashed… I lost my health, my big career, and my marriage in the space of 9 months.

I help women prevent (or recover from) that kind of crash, or being so fearful to go for what you really want that you’ve settled for a ‘dead’ marriage, career, or life.

When I needed it most, I simply didn’t have a simple, dependable, fun, restorative, self-sustaining path back to me.

I do now, and I love sharing it.”

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