5-Day Thought Detox Challenge Digital Course


The “5-Day Thought Detox Challenge” digital course offers a transformative journey to break free from self-sabotage patterns. This course is a reimagined version of a live coaching event, designed to be engaging and impactful through:

  1. Professionally Edited Videos: These include recordings of live group coaching sessions and lessons, accessible through a gamified course portal.
  2. Interactive Workbook: A colorful digital flipbook, available as a fillable PDF or printable pages, complements the course content.
  3. Practical Tools and Guides: These resources are tailored for in-depth practice and real-life application, helping participants detoxify their minds from six types of toxic thinking.
  4. Comprehensive Learning: Participants will understand why thoughts are not inherently “toxic,” identify personal self-sabotage styles, get introduced to The Work of Byron Katie and Shawn’s Wheel of Self-Love, and discover happiness hacks.  TO LEARN MORE (Full Description Page) CLICK HERE!

This course is more than just positive affirmations; it’s about transforming thinking with reliable tools applicable in any situation.

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Full Decription page: TO LEARN MORE, CLICK HERE!

The “5-Day Thought Detox Challenge” is a comprehensive digital course designed to empower individuals in their journey towards mental and emotional well-being. This innovative course transforms the experience of a live, hands-on virtual event into a captivating digital format, offering a blend of theoretical insights and practical applications.

Key Features of the Course:

  1. Professionally Edited Video Content: The course boasts a collection of professionally edited videos, featuring content from DETOX LIVE group coaching sessions. These videos are hosted on an interactive, gamified course portal, making the learning experience both engaging and enjoyable.
  2. Interactive Digital Flipbook: Accompanying the video content is a colorful, digital flipbook. This versatile resource can be used as a fillable PDF workbook or printed out for those who prefer a tangible copy. It serves as an essential tool for course participants to engage with the material actively.
  3. Practical Tools and Guides: One of the standout features of the course is the provision of practical tools and guides. These resources are meticulously designed for in-depth practice, enabling participants to apply what they learn to real-life scenarios. They are particularly focused on helping individuals detoxify their minds from six types of toxic thinking patterns.
  4. Insightful Learning Modules: Over the span of five days, participants will delve into various aspects of self-awareness and personal growth. They will learn why no thought is inherently “toxic,” uncover their unique self-sabotage styles, and discover methods to overcome these destructive cycles. The course introduces participants to The Work of Byron Katie, Shawn’s Wheel of Self-Love, and various happiness hacks, offering a well-rounded approach to personal transformation.
  5. Beyond Affirmations: This course emphasizes transformation over mere positive thinking. It is not about suppressing thoughts or forcing positivity but about transforming one’s thinking with reliable and effective tools. These tools are designed to be applicable in any situation, providing a sustainable path to mental and emotional freedom.

This digital course is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of the mind. It’s ideal for anyone seeking to break free from patterns of self-sabotage and embrace a life of clarity, happiness, and self-acceptance.