Paths to Peace

Radical Relationship Relief

Whatever or whoever upsets, scares or saddens you absolutely holds the key to greater peace, freedom and happiness — and a warm dependable connection to yourself and the very person or situation that triggered you.

With this MAJOR SHIFT in paradigm, ‘problems’ look and feel radically different and can shift to being hopeful, solvable, friendlier and MUCH more fun!

Learn what to DO with the triggers of our painful reactions to the people and circumstances that seem to go against our efforts to prosperously live our dream and move on from a painful experience.

Learn how to flip the triggers into the prosperous lessons you were seeking.  Then pursuing your dream becomes the perfect ‘spiritual grad school,’ where you start to receive all the support that was waiting for you all along.

Inquire deeply about the people and situations you THOUGHT were stealing your freedom and peace, and find:

  • The amazing gifts, reflections, and ‘instructions’ they hold for your own reliable peace/safety.
  • How you really don’t need–or even want– things to be other than what they are!
  • That you have a sweet and sacred connection to who- and whatever is pushing your buttons and complete freedom of choice.
  • That you can find and love your own innocent self, even after seeing where your need to control has caused pain for yourself and others.

In addition to newcomers and old timers in The Work, sharing the rich inquiries and exercises planned for this sacred time, you’ll have time to recline on one of our delicious chairs, swings or hammocks; paddle around on small watercraft; do yoga or meditation on the pier, enjoy an outdoor fire pit, or swim in the Chesapeake Bay (then jump in our hot tub to take off the Spring chill or gaze at some stars!)

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The Symmetry of Self-Solidarity

Self-Solidarity is the idea that at the same time you are undoing so much of the ego’s story and dismantling your old self, you begin to meet and fall completely in love with the most tender part of you that is still holding on to the thinking (and thus innocently creating what remains of your suffering.

In this reconciliation, you become who you really are:   the unconditional forgiveness, warm understanding, and unfailing self-solidarity and self-advocacy that cannot come from ANYONE or ANYTHING outside you (and or in finding that inner connection, you also connect to EVERYTHING outside you). You and the small scared parts of yourself will begin to experience a sacred and absolute belonging to each other that allows you to look forward to whatever life brings!

Whatever you have experienced of this,  it is just the tip of the iceberg. If you continue, this sweet self-solidarity will become the mainstay of your existence and your mainline to what is beyond existence. Together we will face the fear of worse-case scenarios where external events are concerned—and discover that the cost of failing to support, beating up, and so quickly ‘leaving’ our most innocent, well-meaning selves is worse–for ourselves, others, and the planet–than ANY other consequence we fear.

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The Symmetry of Self-Solidarity Programs, Products, and Free Resources:

Exponentially Evolving via Entrepreneurship

Learn what to DO with your painful triggers to flip them into just the prosperous gift and guidance you’ve been seeking!

There are HUGE gifts in the circumstances that seem to go against our efforts to prosperously live our dream–once we know what to do with them!

  • Are you regularly plunged into doubt, confusion, and paralysis by the almost daily ups and downs, rejections, and really painful upsets of ‘putting yourself out there?
  • Do you easily lose confidence, momentum, and income as you struggle in this private hell–sabotaging the very relationships that could support you (especially the one with yourself and ‘all that is’)?
  • After all your inner work, does finally pursuing your dream or building your own business bring up WHATEVER is left that can throw you off?

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Paths to Peace