The Symmetry of Self-Love NO-MATTER-WHAT Masterclass and Coaching Cocoon

What if you could leave those old patterns of reactivity and self-sabotage behind… and shatter the painful illusions created by your thoughts?

Turn Your Inner Critic into the Champion of Your Happiness

Struggling with the inner war with yourself, loved ones and life, even after decades of inner work?


It turns out there is now a HUGE subset of the population that have had years of counseling, been ardent spiritual seekers, have amazing practices, and have come so far with understanding their habitual patterns.
And YET, if you’re like I used to be, you are still walking around in states of anxiety, anger, or alienation, and the chronic conditions they lead to, far more than you’d like to be.  

You just don’t know how to get completely unstuck on important aspects of your personal, family, community, or world scene that don’t fit for you any more.


You may even have a vision of what could be better, and want to move forward with clarity and passion….

But you still don’t know how to stop taking things personally, putting others’ needs first, or compromising out of a deep, childlike fear of others’ anger or abandonment.

Or you just can’t ‘get present’ when those big emotional charges get triggered with your spouse or others…

You might still be waiting for the right time to have the ‘difficult conversations’ or make those long-awaited life changes. 

And it feels like time is running out….


You’ve done much work to recognize the ways you are your own worst enemy, have begun to learn to question your own thinking, and may even be a powerful practitioner who helps  others in amazing ways, BUT….

  • You still don’t know how to shift your emotions quickly and in a lasting way from POINT A to POINT B when you’re upset.
  • You still don’t have a foolproof way to REWIRE your habitual reactions and disempowering patterns…. to move yourself out of anxiety, anger, regret, fear, and self-sabotage.
  • You still don’t have a reliable inner template that lets you completely trust yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself and others, stop putting other’s fears and opinions first and get on with living a life YOU truly love!
  • While some things help some of the time, there are times when you simply don’t know how to help yourself with fear, resistance, inertia, and what you may call procrastination.

All that was me….

When my own inner critic was raging, when fear, doubt, uncertainty, regret, defensiveness, and anxiety took over…  I didn’t have a clue.

After all that inner work, and all your powerful accomplishments in the world, where are you still afraid of alienating others or being abandoned if you go for what you really want?
Even though I had accomplished so much, I almost didn’t even KNOW who I was any more…. Or what way of being in the world would truly fit for me. I had made so many compromises that I had given up on that deep connection with myself and others I had always craved.  
Even though I was finally a mother and was well known in my field, I didn’t know how to stop the anxiety. How to heal my painful marriage. 

And I felt like time was running out.

Then, when I was in the pit of desperation, LIFE SLAMMED ITS FOOT ON THE BRAKE.

The parts of me that doubted the affirmations– that didn’t think I was “safe” or “prosperous,” the part of me that couldn’t believe “all is well,” and truly felt things should be different, finally staged a rebellion–which looked like high anxiety, chronic illness, food addiction, and loss of my health and marriage. After years of addressing that, something amazing happened…

I saw that much of what I had been told I could achieve on the spiritual journey was actually creating MORE anxiety.

 I STOPPED trying to ‘affirm over’  the thinking that was stuffing my real pain further under.   

I saw that there was a perfect and absolutely reliable “Symmetry” in everything that upset or saddened or scared me, and that rather than stuffing it or “being positive” over it, I could harness it as my direct path to peace.

I had a life-altering internal paradigm shift–almost overnight.

After all that wonderful spiritual theory I knew so well, for the first time, I knew absolutely how to move my emotional state from point A to point B!
After years of physical and emotional pain, I could begin to recover and create–at will–an unshakable kind of freedom, peace, and connection to the very people and situations that had left me ANXIOUS, ANGRY, and ALIENATED for SO, SO LONG.
By realizing that there was a unique code held within  anything that scared, upset, or disappointed me–a crystal clear line to my direct path to peace in any situation, I started quickly and systematically evolving myself past my old anxious, stuck places.  

It is now like a built-in GPS that aligns all my actions with my highest and best self, and lets me move into action on my most powerful dreams.

I ground to a halt all of the shiny, new strategies and tactics and latest “gurus” I had been pouring my time, energy and money into.

Knowing I could shift my toxic emotions at will, and USE whatever upsets me to evolve myself to greater peace and freedom was like the beginning of the end of FEAR! 

I looked at my entire life with completely fresh eyes–and over time, I was able to re-write my history and re-wire the programming that had been sabotaging me.

I began to recover from 6 years of insomnia and a lifetime of emotional reactivity, autoimmune conditions, and physical pain…. 

Feeling better was SO MUCH EASIER than I had thought it could be. 

 Fairly soon, I stopped all of the compulsive “processing” with friends and counselors. I no longer needed to read a passage from a book or watch a spiritual lecture to regain hope or find a new way to see my problem….  I knew how to shift the polarized thinking–and shift myself into clarity and calm–with 100% reliability.

Suddenly, the ball was back in my court.  I became the hero I had been searching for. And life became my kind teacher, delivering each lesson right when I was ready to learn. WOO HOO!!!! 

Aligned Action Adventure

I started to document a clear road map for precisely how I was able to not only evolve myself out of old patterns but to pay this peace forward out into the world. 

To magnetize into my life the people, prosperity, and  support I need at every turn, and inspire others to invest in getting this kind of dependable peace and delightful connection for themselves. 

Starting right now.  No more searching. No more waiting.  

Nothing seemed more important than creating a template to help others experience these radical shifts as well, since it was clear to me that I had gotten hold of a ‘missing peace’ we were never taught. 
I love to share The NO-MATTER-WHAT Way–The Science of “Un*Conditonal Connection to Self, Others, and Life (SOAL),” since others seem to quickly get the same kind of results I got! And it just keeps going deeper. 

It’s time to end the search. Stop listening to advice you can’t follow. Learn how to let LIFE happily evolve you…

You’re the One You’ve been Waiting For!

Experience the Shift of a Lifetime

Find out for yourself that you have the reliable "HOW" within you to embrace your unfolding self in no-matter-what peace, freedom, curiosity, openness, joy, and unconditional connection.


It's what's left when you know how to access the radical healing inherent in each of your challenges and triggers.

Together we will harness the happy Self-Symmetry contained in whatever upsets you to compassionately disconnect and re-wire the fearful fallacies your mind created decades ago.

Life will never look the same again.

You’ll experience a substantial decrease in anxiety, anger, and alienation in your relationship with yourself, others, and life.
And a substantial increase in peace, support, freedom, clarity, productivity, truly lasting life-changing skills, and unconditional connection to self/others.

Aligned Action Adventure

Join Us for The Symmetry of Self-Love

NO-MATTER-WHAT Masterclass & Coaching Cocoon

Experience tangible, sustainable changes around your most painful or stuck issues. Evolve YOURSELF into the life you want. No Matter What Happens.

Find in Yourself a Fearless Win-Win Way of Life where:

You’re simply not lonely, even when you’re alone, since each day is a mad love affair with yourself…

NO MATTER WHO else is there or who else approves.  

You know what to do with FEAR, ANGER, and NEED, because you can find for yourself that there are no inherently “bad” outcomes or enemies. Life supports you…

NO MATTER WHAT used to scare you.

You can forgive and stay warmly connected to your dear self and dear others …

NO MATTER WHEN or WHY things started to be this way.

You move with a pro-active win-win momentum toward your highest vision for yourself and all…

NO MATTER HOW MANY obstacles are in the way.


Amy, Business Analyst

"This started to change in my life right away after one retreat. Shawn's powerful facilitation in The Work and her Wheel of Self-Love helped me see that I was not a victim of others' choices, but only of my own thinking! I realized I was over-relying on my husband to also be my girlfriend and my mom! It's so much nicer to let him be my husband, and turn to Shawn and others for support. Shawn is a great big ball of love who also has the science to help me feel like I can do or solve anything! My life changed so quickly that I'm now training under Shawn to be a Symmetry of Happiness Coach myself! Thank you Shawn

Sara, International Documentary Filmmaker

"You are beyond an inspiration, Shawn…You are a great wise compassionate guide…with the results for me of relationships flowing, of joy, of ease, of relationships not being so entangled, a deeper awareness of how our stories get in the way and the how to make inner change with an outer impact.”

Will you allow yourself time and space to welcome in the parts of you that are trying to save you by beating you up or projecting doom and gloom, integrating them into a whole that knows how to use whatever upsets you as a path to peace?

Will you let yourself be held by a phenomenal tool that quickly dismantles your disempowering mindsets along with others in this self-connection cocoon?

Will you put your tired, self-abused spirit into a warm, sweet cocoon and emerge into a fearless, WIN-WIN way of life fueled by self-love and service! 


Over the course of 4 full months, you access a rich sense of absolute safety, connection, freedom, humor and lightness.

This results in TANGIBLE SUSTAINABLE Change, even in areas like anxiety, depression, stuck marriage, when nothing else has worked.

Here's what's included:

2 Targeted Group Calls per Month

Exponentially evolve yourself as you witness others shifting around common issues via two 90-minute group calls. Calls each month include highly-motivated peers with guided meditation, heart-seat laser coaching, teaching the pivotal shifts, deep demonstration.

3 Private Deep Shift Sessions with Shawn

Surprisingly tangible and lasting shifts via 1:1 facilitation / mentoring sessions with notes and session recordings. One 60-min Harvest Hidden Riches Session, one 90-min Rewriting Childhood Scripts Session, one 60-min UNdoing Your Self/Other Sabotage Mechanisms Session.

Private Start-Up, Support, and Turn-Around Sessions with a Coach

Enhanced progress via a 45-minute individual coaching check-in, support and teaching calls with one of Shawn's Legacy of Self-Love Coaches or Coaches in Training. Celebrate your shifts, address new challenges, master turn-arounds and other skills.

Live or Virual VIP ½ Day Group: Creating Self Connection, Care, and Clarity

Powerful mentoring and intention-setting conversation, teaching, and self-discovery with Shawn and the entire group. Includes a deep dive into a transformational topic, and intimate follow-up message thread.

Best Pricing

Even more value via a large sign-on discount at other events for current clients, plus Masterclass participant discounts on additional private sessions.

Rich Content

Your Masterclass Resource Hub provides highly relevant strategies & guidance with Shawn’s original templates, worksheets, articles, videos, audios, and articles that support mastery. Includes course replays and archives.


Optional partnering for accountability and practice in Shawn's Wheel of Self-Love and facilitating The Work of Byron Katie. These fun, intimate sessions support clarity, real-time shifts, and action steps.

In-Depth Support

Frequent contact via assigned and optional sharing in a private discussion forum where members and Shawn share support, fun, answers, guidance, warm camaraderie, and deep lasting connection.

AMAZING Bonuses! ($740 Value)

Shawn’s "No-Matter-What" Masterclass includes:

  1. 50% Off Retreat Registration Fee for Shawn’s 3-day Waterfront Retreat at Light Landing
  2. Private Reflection & Direction Session with Shawn to reflect on your progress and bring crystal clarity to your next steps
  3. No-Matter-What Milestones to sustain and celebrate your momentum
  4. Personalized Shortcut to Peace Template to stop your self-sabotage mechanisms in their tracks

Cutting-edge content.

Get priority access to Shawn's increasingly popular and powerful Happiness Hacks-"The Science of Taking Life as it Comes." NMM participants become part of the creation process in conveying these deep insightful structures and synthesis into simple, common sense 'shortcuts' to feeling better fast.


What is Self-Solidarity?

"Self-Solidarity is the idea that at the same time you are undoing so much of the ego's story and dismantling your old self, you begin to meet and fall completely in love with the most tender part of you that is still holding on to the thinking (and thus innocently creating what remains of your suffering).

In this reconciliation, you become who you really are: the unconditional forgiveness, warm understanding, and unfailing self-love and advocacy that cannot come from anything else (and yet in finding it, you connect to EVERYTHING else). You and the small scared parts of yourself will begin to experience deep and absolute belonging to each other that allows you to embrace whatever life brings!

Whatever you have experienced of this, it is just the tip of the iceberg. If you continue, this sweet self-solidarity will become the mainstay of your existence and mainline to what is beyond existence. Together we will face the fear of worse-case scenarios where external events are concerned—and discover that the cost of failing to support, beating up, and so quickly 'leaving' our most innocent, well-meaning selves is worse--for ourselves, others, and the planet--than ANY other consequence we fear."

- Shawn

Get ready to experience...

  • Deep shifts toward dependable peace and delicious connection
  • A solid grasp of how to USE whatever scares, angers, or saddens you to set yourself free
  • A close, long term 1:1 relationship with Shawn and a small group of individuals who are highly committed to unconditional self-love!

Donna Drozda, Fine Artist

"There is deep integrity, Shawn, in what you share…it’s palpable and permeates your words and actions. Your willingness to be both visible and vulnerable is a continual testimony of your dedication to ‘walk your talk’. I also really appreciate your sense of humor that reads as kindness…such a kind heart you have. So beautiful is ‘The Work’ that you share. Thanks so much…I value your stand and your commitment to truth, beauty and true care for us all…it’s a treasure."


Corrie Nativi, Home School Mom

"Shawn is so skilled and loving and nurturing, just what I have needed since I lost my mom in my twenties, I haven’t had this kind of unconditional love and support since she’s been gone! And I’m NOT saying she’s old enough to be my mom... just that she makes me feel loved and supported and nurtured like only a mommy can. In fact I’ve believed for a long time that my mom sent her to me to take care of me and help me out of the dark place I was in. It has helped my marriage to be able to soothe myself, and because I realize I can’t expect my husband to be all things to me. I can let myself find what I need from sweet women like Shawn--and the rest of the mastermind group that I’ve gotten to know and love over the past year, and who know how to use this work to help me find my way back to me. Shawn is like a self-love and advocacy mentor who remembers all the details of our work together and constantly reminds me of how far I’ve come in the last year when I don’t always think about it. Then I’m like, you know, you’re right! I was a hot mess and even though I’m still struggling with some stuff, thanks to this work, my thinking now--finally--has an automatic way of taking care of that little girl inside of me that has just been getting beaten up for years. Thank you Shawn....you are truly a bright spot in my life and I love you so much! Thank you for sharing your many gifts with all of us!

Explore this Life-Altering Opportunity

This masterclass is by application only via phone interview, previous group/individual work, or a retreat with Shawn. To get started, click below or call Shawn directly at (301) 785-0545.

About Shawn Mahshie

Shawn Mahshie is a Happiness and Self-Connection Coach--and a powerful Inner Peace Advocate--as well as author, coach trainer, and retreat leader.

Her life work has facilitated critical shifts in perspective for individuals and couples, groups, schools, and even governments addressing stubborn long-term issues and teaching people innovative ways to shift their hearts and minds to win-win solutions.

Her Wheel of Self-Love and other Happiness Hacks have helped thousands who have downloaded these simple PDFs to overcome the pain of regret, guilt, self-doubt, indecision, and judgement of self and others.

A Trained Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, she is quick to make connections and spot her own stories as well as those of her clients. She supports herself and others in:

  • Peace-full Happy Relationships with Self and Others
  • Flourishing Work/Small Business/Spiritual Life
  • Reliably Thriving in the Face of Adversity
  • Author of "The Spark of Self-Love," and two blogs, she is currently working on her upcoming book, "The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing Peace We Were Never Taught." She lives on the Chesapeake Bay near Washington DC, where she holds sold-out waterfront retreats at her sacred country-like spot.

shawn mahshie