Our Big


The Mission: Transform Fear

Till children (starting with us) grow up knowing that there are no outside enemies; that emotional pain is an inside job, that we never have to suffer so long under the weight of our thinking…Till this freedom from the tyranny of our mind-made beliefs allows us to work in harmony to sustain life on this planet.

The Movement

To Expedite a Completely Accessible Paradigm Shift–As Deeply Intimate as It Is Globally Critical–whose time has come… Where the gifts of this Reliable Symmetry become common knowledge so that we each know how to lovingly USE fear and anger as the edge of the envelope of our own evolution; for a free-fall into dependable peace and love without condition…

"The best we can do for the world's children...the best we can do for ourselves."

It's what I'm all about.

Now that I know the worlds’ children (starting with myself) don’t have to suffer so long, react so intensely, blame or shame or hate or fear or separate so much — NOT NEARLY SO MUCH — what else could I do but want to share the wealth?

Someday the understanding of what I call “The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness” will be common knowledge.

Someday children will ALL think it’s a no-brainer.

In fact, it would seem absurd to that generation to point the finger at someone or someone outside yourself if you were feeling upset.

“Well, DUH….” they’d say. “Of course you would just go in and take a look at what you’ve accidentally come to believe that is out of alignment with this unfolding moment. Needing someone else to change in order to feel good is such a hopeless proposition.”

I’m all about expediting the day when children grow up knowing about the true nature of thought and of who we really are. I hope you will join in this movement.

It starts with each of us ‘children,’ learning how to re-parent our own dear misguided thinking — the tenderest, most innocent parts of ourselves that often appear to be the villains or gremlins. It’s all I’m doing when I work with folks. It’s very sweet and very healing and very contagious.

And then it moves to our own children — when we realize their reactions to us are our greatest teachers, as are the ways they (and other people’s children) trigger us! Our own intense reactions are what hold the key to our peace and freedom, and to creating a new generation of pretty awesome parents and teachers in time for the kind of cooperation humanity will need to survive.

The ultimate caring.

  • I cannot think of a better thing to do for children than to care for the innocent thinking inside us by modeling the full and compassionate understanding that
  • There are no outside enemies
  • It is all happening FOR US, not to us.

Till we truly know that our pain is telling us one simple thing...

The way out is IN. It changes everything.
I’m here to give you the pieces you need to help yourself first, then pass it on.

One last thing...

All the worlds’ children are our own, so parenting ourselves–gently questioning and undoing the innocent thinking that will continue to terrorize us and others if we don’t know what to do with it–is the very best thing we can model for all children.

This is my daughter and me in China in 1996. Awww … I can say without a doubt that learning how to question my own stories via The Work and living that presence is the best gift I have ever given her.