our must-have "beyond mindfulness map"

Escape the patterns of reactivity that cause dysfunction!

Before looking at the thinking behind our pain, it is critical to tune into the littlest, most clueless parts of ourselves that are held in our body’s stuck, painful and uncomfortable reactions.

The Beyond Mindfulness Map is first a visualization in our mind, that we chart on paper. It allows us to give ourselves some “first aid” that becomes the prerequisite to our shift. We start by being with the parts of our body and mind that are stuck in the hopeless patterns of reactivity that create all dysfunction, failed relationships, addiction and eventually chronic pain and illness. 

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Heart Minding: A Blueprint for Radical Relationship Relief
Learn to capitalize on anger, let go of regret, access freedom, and live and love unconditionally.

Shawn's powerful Wheel of Self-Love helped me see that I was not a victim of others' choices, but only of my own thinking!

 I realized I was over-relying on my husband to also be my girlfriend and my mom! It’s so much nicer to let him be my husband, and turn to Shawn and others for support. Shawn is a great big ball of love who also has the science to help me feel like I can do or solve anything!

— Amy Koren, Business Analyst, Coach, Mom

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