[PART 2] “ME-Shame” and “YOU-Blame” Days…. Are You Ready to be DONE?

I love the heart-felt response from folks to Friday’s video and the challenge to get brave and ‘login to your life,’ and substantive interest in the Symmetry of Self-Love Mastermind and Mentoring experience at the 25% discount this week. I’m re-sending the video in case you didn’t get to see it, and because we didn’t put

In the video and ‘walk you through it’ email on Friday, I asked you to take a quick inventory of your level of peace, freedom, happiness, and connection with yourself, your body and health, your time and money, your work, contribution, and leisure activities, your spirituality and connection to life, and especially your relationships–your intimate, business, or other partners and your family.

I left off in that email with saying that I had been in that painful place–knew it well–where a number of aspects of my life were not even close to a 10, and that despite my long productive spiritual journey, I still didn’t know what to do in those areas where I had clearly hit the edge of the envelope of my evolution.

What we do is to HONOR that edge. USE it. THANK that stuck part of you that has been trying to help you all these years. BLESS IT, and LOVE it–just as it is, always doing the best it can. Most of all, this work is an efficient way to finally truly HELP IT!!!!!

A number of people have made appointments to look into joining the Mastermind and Mentoring group, and I would hate for you to miss the opportunity to seriously explore whether this high ROI (return on investment) program is a good fit for you.

And now, back to where I left of on the part of the email where certain aspects of my life sucked. Continued from Friday’s email…..

As long as I turned away from all the things that weren’t what I wanted them to be, I was able to keep a confident front and maintain a life that looked really good on the outside.

But the second things didn’t go according to my plan or vision or want or need, and I was forced to take a good hard look at how CLUELESS I felt about how to change the dynamics in these critical parts of my inner world and my important relationships (usually when someone would point to the very thing I knew was my weakness)…

… I would feel like a total failure.

Because at the end of the day, I KNEW these “life mismatches” absolutely mattered–from the inside.

I KNEW it was directly and unavoidably linked to:

  • How I was failing to support myself and how I saw the people who failed to support me,
  • My ability to take life as it came to me, to love critical stakeholders and events exactly as they were, and still grow the life I wanted,
  • Whether or Not I (and others) were OK–and feeling I was NOT OK created a regular flow of anxiety, anger, or alienation from the people and situations I wanted most to love–including myself, and
  • Whether I could go through life being happy with my decisions, how I spent my time and energy, where my life was going, how I was treated by others and life ← nothing hurts more or drives your health, job, and marriage into the ground (as it did me) than second guessing your decisions and feeling like those closest to you are the enemy, standing in the way of what you are trying to create.

The thought that I was a victim of my circumstances and that others needed to do better also created an insidious and invisible barrier in my ability to experience peace, joy, confidence, and what I now call REAL FAITH. I simply had not yet found for myself that I could trust life as it unfolds nor did I know how to USE the very people and things that upset me as my path to peace.

I mean, how the heck could I ever be happy when others weren’t changing? I couldn’t see another way except the one my mind presented me with–which always fell short of what I needed in order to move forward with my dreams.

But here’s the good news.

I’ve come a long, LONNNG way since my “ME-Shame and YOU-Blame” days.

And after having experienced major shifts in every one of those areas of my life, love, health, level of prosperity, level of peace, happiness, freedom, I’ve learned a few little *tricks* along the way, that–as you can see–I’m SUPER passionate about sharing since I now know it ‘JUST DOESN”T HAVE TO HURT SO MUCH.”

So if you want to start taking your Happiness strategy and internal evolution SERIOUSLY… and enjoying all the new doors it will open up…

Then I invite you to truly consider joining us for the year-long Symmetry of Self-Love Mastermind and Mentoring experience, by clicking here to get more information or schedule time with me to check out this intimate deep dive that very quickly begins to grow and solidify a new way of being with yourself, others, and life (SOAL):

  • Use your very own issues, mismatches, and button-pushers, in concert and camaraderie with others who are doing the same and in a deep exploration with me personally,
  • Learn and apply a theoretically sound, simple, and efficient living practice in HeartMinding: A rich hands on application of the 6 Pivotal Shifts toward Dependable Peace and Warm Connection;
  • Become the curious, compassionate caretaker of the littlest parts of you as you come to rely on The Law of Self-Symmetry to turn those intense emotions and unwanted knee-jerk reactions into the very lessons the littlest part of you wants you to know,
  • Gain a whole way of relating to all your relationships and to your emotions, not as something you have memorized but that lives in you as your own gentle, loving, always RIGHT-ON and perfectly calibrated internal guru, and
  • Expose the ONE THOUGHT behind all emotional pain and you learn how to harness your mind to expose the flaws in its own conditional logic.

What is SO nice about this group is that you get to literlaly MARINATE for a year (some are continuing for more) in lovely experiences of waking up to your own wisdom by listening to what your body is telling you, finding forgiveness, fun, and freedom in your old painful habitual situations, and sharing this journey of honesty, laughter, and blessed curiosity and openness with others who are also taking complete responsibilty for their own journeys.

Given that we have just a few spaces left before I cap it off, I can’t make any promises on open spots!

Best to lockdown your time to meet with me while you’re here. This flyer tells about the group and gives you an appointment link.

Much love and hope for a happier now–I see it every day…. it’s real.

🙂 Shawn

P.S. Haven’t even learned what we are doing yet? I’m jealous 😉 You, my friend, have the amazing opportunity to take the speed-pass and get some strategies that work for you in a simple and really efficient way. A year for a whole new way to BE WITH your life?

Discover how we do this… I’ll tell you more when we talk. NO pressure, but I do only want serious applicants this week. We start the next quarter of the group on Sept. 5.