Save Your Relationship by Saving Yourself!

Learn How to Use Regret and Self-Criticism to Discover Unshakable Self-Love and Confidence

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Emboldened Heart
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What You’ll Hear

I walk Malinda through a REAL situation where she had been stuck, using the WHEEL OF SELF-LOVE to find her freedom from the hell of regret.

At the same time, listeners learn how to turn their OWN regret, self-doubt and indecision into radical self-love, confidence and power. You get the same great tips from the recording, too.

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Malinda was thrilled to hear what is DIFFERENT–so POWERFUL and SIMPLE and RELIABLE– about what we in this community are doing to change the course of our lives and the planet.

Check Out the Special Offers Malinda Makes at the End of the Interview…

(Still available on this page.)

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Save Your Relationship by Saving Yourself!