How We Create Change Together

How amazing the Self-Solidarity Circle community of Thrive This Time, is—and all the change we have been able to create together in each life and the world— is so perfectly captured by the words of Bob Sima’s song:

“Together we rise, together we thrive. We believe in circles, cuz circles take no sides. Together we win, when everyone is in, cuz every little hand and every little heart touches every little piece and every little part now.” Bob Sima

We gathered together locally with those in our community from Maryland, but also got to meet, IN PERSON, one of our BEAUTIFUL members (and her family) all the way from Northern California. What a tremendous gift and joy to all be together for a visit.

The love and support here in this group is truly unmatched and the change we have created together within ourselves shows in the radiant smiles of each woman here. The love that we grow within each of us, for ourselves, genuinely flows outward and only blesses every one that we encounter. Learning to fully arrive in each moment, with kindness and curiosity toward ourselves is HOW we create this change— allowing us to edit or rewrite the stories that have kept us from living and loving the beautiful life in front of us.

It is my greatest honor to help each woman here achieve these highest gifts for themselves and everyone that they love.

It was a special day—filled with love, joy, music, dancing!

If you are resistant, feel blocked or stuck in patterns of stress and limitation, everyone here can and will attest that they found what they were seeking within this body of work and community of change-makers. The tools and skills you need to finally create lasting change are much simpler than you think!

We are here—creating change together and we are waiting for you!

🙂 Shawn