What is the #1 Way You Sabotage Your Happiness?

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still stuck, stymied, or stagnant after years of spiritual work?

Make the Simple Shift that Turns your Self-Sabotaging Inner Critic Into the Champion of Your Happiness!

One very simple principle of the psyche, THE SYMMETRY PRINCIPLE, lets you USE whatever upsets you to shift yourself almost instantly into peace. The Work & The Wheel of Self Love knock out both of the polarities of thinking that are causing your suffering.


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I'm Shawn, the leading expert in teaching you how to stop beating yourself up, so you can find peace, love, and connection—no matter what life brings.

A whole new relationship to yourself, others, and life is easier than you think.

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The Work: Antidote to
Anger, Blame, Judgement

Harness the "Symmetry" in Whatever Triggers you. Free Your Mind.
Live Your Bliss. Walk Your Talk.

The Wheel of Self Love: Antidote to
Shame, Regret, Self-Criticism

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a 6-week course to reverse resentment & rekindle connection

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Self-Acceptance. Accountability. Action.

The NO-MATTER-WHAT Multi-Stage Mastermind.

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"I have tried nearly every spiritual practice... It wasn’t until I met Shawn and started working with her that I finally started to experience real change in my life."


"[Shawn's online event] has been totally nourishing and illuminating."


"I felt supported and loved in Shawn's events and groups like no other place in my life. I get so much out of every one!"



Practical, reliable tools to change your thinking—changing your life!

Working with Shawn Mahshie was simply amazing. I love her happiness hacks.

 Shawn has the most effective, powerful technique called the “reliable symmetry of happiness” – whatever upsets you is actually the key to setting you free. Even people who have been on a lifelong spiritual journey will find the fastest path to freedom. Whether you are in a stuck marriage, have issues with your closest relationships, or still struggle with anxiety, anger, and alienation, Shawn gets radical healing results.

— Bret Gregory, Internationally-Known Business Coach

Create a Fearless Win-win Aligned Life Fueled by Self-Love and Service

What Still Triggers You, after Years and even Decades of Inner Work? Those who come in the door here are highly self-aware people who give much to their families and communities, but still struggle with relationship, health, or money issues of their own… Until they get hold of The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing PEACE We Were Never Taught. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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