STILL Anxious, Dissatisfied & Hard on Yourself (or Others)--Even after Decades of Spiritual Striving and Inner Work?

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The Work: Antidote to
Anger, Blame, Judgement

Harness the "Symmetry" in Whatever Triggers you. Free Your Mind.
Live Your Bliss. Walk Your Talk.

The Wheel of Self Love: Antidote to
Shame, Regret, Self-Criticism

Make the Simple Shift that Turns your Self-Sabotaging Inner Critic Into the Champion of Your Happiness! One very simple principle of the psyche, THE SYMMETRY PRINCIPLE, lets you USE whatever upsets you to shift yourself almost instantly into peace. The Work & The Wheel of Self Love knock out both of the polarities of thinking that are causing your suffering.

End the Search, Start Aligning with What You Really Want, and Relax into a Life that Finally Fits​

Is one or more of your most important relationship characterized by specific situations where you do the following?

  • You fail to stand with, by, and for yourself, no matter what happens.
  • You beat yourself up when someone is angry or things go wrong.
  • You take responsibility for and feel a need to fix others’ reactions to you, themselves, or life.
  • You put your focus on placating and pleasing others, even when it hurts you.
  • You freeze or censor what you really want to say or do with certain people, even those in close relationships, to avoid their anger, shaming, retaliation, or abandonment.
  • You turn into a pretzel to rescue certain others from their own shame, agreeing to things you don’t really want, then have no time for (or feel completely out of touch with) your own priorities.
  • You put yourself last in the face of others’ needs, then show up as controlling, rebellious, or resentful.

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The 3 simple steps in this 8-page PDF changed my life forever.  Now I know how to turn the hell of regret, guilt, self-doubt, and indecision into radical self-love, confidence, clarity, and power. It’s time to turn your inner critic into the champion of your happiness. 🙂

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What Is Self-Solidarity?"

“Self-Solidarity is the art and science of standing with, by, and for yourself, no matter what.  No matter how things go, no matter who is angry, or even who leaves. It’s a sense of unshakable safety from your own inner critic, and in fact you begin to turn your inner critic into the champion of your own happiness.

Self-Solidarity is the idea that at the same time you are undoing so much of the ego’s story and dismantling your old self, you begin to meet and fall completely in love with the most tender part of you that is still holding on to the thinking (and thus innocently creating what remains of your suffering).

In this reconciliation, you become who you really are:   the unconditional forgiveness, warm understanding, and unfailing self-solidarity and self-advocacy that cannot come from ANYONE or ANYTHING outside you (and or in finding that inner connection, you also connect to EVERYTHING outside you). You and the small scared parts of yourself will begin to experience a sacred and absolute belonging to each other that allows you to look forward to whatever life brings!

Whatever you have experienced of this,  it is just the tip of the iceberg. If you continue, this sweet self-solidarity will become the mainstay of your existance and your mainline to what is beyond existence. Together we will face the fear of worse-case scenarios where external events are concerned—and discover that the cost of failing to support, beating up, and so quickly ‘leaving’ our most innocent, well-meaning selves is worse–for ourselves, others, and the planet–than ANY other consequence we fear.”     

So What IS IT We Are Really Doing Here?

The NO-MATTER-WHAT Way is the science of unconditional connection to self, others, and life (SOAL). Its 6 simple steps put into practice the essence of all spiritual journeys, harnessing the uncanny “Symmetry” contained in whatever upsets us. This quickly restores wholeness in areas that may have been stuck for a lifetime--where the mind’s misguided survival strategies and reactions to trauma caused us to separate from who we really are, as well as from others and life. <br><br>It turns our that whatever still has the power to push your buttons, <i>despite all your inner work, has the power to reveal your own extremely efficient, tailor-made path to peace in any stressful situation--no matter what is happening. </i><br><br>This simple way to be in and with life works with the way our brains are wired to easily and compassionately question the black-and-white no-win thinking that became wired into our psyches along the way. <br><br>Based on a foundation of spiritual concepts and tools (including The Work of Byron Katie and my Wheel of Self-Love), The NO-MATTER-WHAT Way compassionately neutralizes the intense emotions and unwanted knee-jerk reactions that were caused by that thinking. <br><br>By pro-actively investigating anything that feels like "NOT LOVE," we free-fall into the happy realization that what is here is "NOTHING BUT LOVE!" At the same time, this simple “unlinking of our thinking” radically evolves us. We finally see for ourselves that it was mind’s polarized ways of creating conclusions and conditions—and not the other party or our stressful situation--that were the true cause of our pain. <br><br>Finding the specific ways that we are doing to ourselves and others what we THOUGHT was being done to us is actually cause for hope. In other words, since this simple process lets us see how whole thing is an "inside job"—and what is created from inside can be cleaned up from "over here"--then we no longer feel like a victim of our circumstances or others’ choices! <br><br>What is left is a cessation of the big emotional charge and the feeling that everything makes sense: Restored freedom, clarity, lightness, power, and a release from agenda and the need to control. The hallmark of the shift that comes as a result of working this simple NMW process is a sense of curiosity, openness, and a warm UN*Conditional acceptance of “what is” that naturally results in a flood of creative problem-solving and effective self-aligned action. <br><br>Most importantly, we evolve ourselves into 3 radically comfortable states of being in and with ourselsves and life when we do this work: <br><b>1.) </b>As we begin to live from a whole new paradigm based on this completely reliable Symmetry Principle, we move into a relaxed anxiety-free state of<b> "Living in Symmetry"</b> with life. In other words, are carried along on the ebbs and flows of life, seeing it as a friendly place where each painful event (kind teacher) holds within it a unique code that unlocks our next large or small transformation to greater peace and freedom. <br><br><b>2.) </b>Over time, the questioning of all critical and conditional thinking--the sources of all blame and shame--turns our biggest challenges into our biggest breakthroughs, and turns our inner critic into the champion of our happiness. We move into the sweet state of unshakable safety and inner advocacy known as <b>“Self-Solidarity” </b>that allows us to manifest win-win outcomes with others. <br><br><b>3.) </b>Finally, having found our own innocence, we develop a deep sense of compassion that all beings are also doing the best they can—given what they are believing in any given moment. With our hearts open, we are able to make excellent love-driven choices, standing solidly with, by, and for ourselves--and others--no matter what is happening. Fully embodied as love, we live from a mindset of relative <b>"UnConditionality,"</b> having restored the excited, engaged, unconditional connection to ourselves, to others, and life that we experienced as children. <br><br>SHIFT OF A LIFETIME:<i> We find ourselves inhabiting a life that contains no inherently bad outcomes. We are either loving what shows up, or using whatever hurts to evolve ourselves out of destructive patterns and programming. </i><br><br>I invite you to come and learn more about this fearless, WIN-WIN way of life, fueled by self-love and service.<br> Much love and Happy Symmetry,<br> XOX 🙂 Shawn <br>

Create a Fearless Win-Aligned Life Fueled by Self-Love and Service

What Still Triggers You, after Years and even Decades of Inner Work? Those who come in the door here are highly self-aware people who give much to their families and communities, but still struggle with relationship, health, or money issues of their own... Until they get hold of The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing PEACE We Were Never Taught. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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Create a Fearless Win-Aligned Life Fueled by Self-Love and Service

What Still Triggers You, after Years and even Decades of Inner Work? Those who come in the door here are highly self-aware people who give much to their families and communities, but still struggle with relationship, health, or money issues of their own… Until they get hold of The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing PEACE We Were Never Taught. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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