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What still hurts…even after your long spiritual journey?

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Dear YOU!

Got a STUCK situation? Upset about something? Reacting to someone? It’s possible to reliably shift into a state of joy, peace, and even love for who or whatever is triggering you, without any change in your outside circumstance.

No matter who or what it is that pushes your buttons (including yourself), you can rely on your fear, upset, hurt, or sadness to show you the way back to a warm connection to the innocent presence of yourself, others, and this unfolding moment–once you know what to do with it.

Knowing that secret that we were never really taught makes me completely free to welcome into my heart whatever story is pushing your buttons or bringing you joy. xox The life changing shifts come fast, endure, live in you, and grow deeper with each inquiry into the thoughts behind your discomfort.

This website is full of support and services for you to make a COMPLETELY ACCESSIBLE PARADIGM SHIFT to dependable peace and warm connection to self, others, and life by following the breadcrumb trail of the VERY thing that upsets or scares you.

Despite it’s newness, I trust this website (together with the rest of your day) is bringing you exactly what you need to best nurture yourself and relax into the perfect reflection the world gives–something I call the Reliable Symmetry of Happiness.

Come join me in a group or individual program, telecourse, or retreat, or just enjoy the things I write–esp. my forthcoming book, The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The ‘Missing Peace’ We Were Never Taught.

I’m feeling so grateful for the ways we have started to touch each other’s lives, and also that you have granted me the privilege of visiting this fledgling webpage! I don’ take that lightly.

Just here loving you. 🙂

xox Shawn

Happiness Paradigm Shift Coach &
Certified Facilitator of The Work

Book time with Shawn and get a complimentary copy of her new eBook, The Spark of Self-Love.

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Come Home to You

If you are just SO ready for reliable relief in every aspect of your life, then I have some good news for you…

A Word from a Fan

David Corbin, CEO Space, Mentor’s Mentor, and author of Illuminate, says, “I’m now able to see things differently…”

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