Make change where change really happens: Support the "littlest" parts of YOU by being present with your body. Then GO FURTHER. Take care of what is really driving your painful Reactions to life, others, and yourself.

Painful feelings are the embodiment of the "littlest," most trusting parts of us that didn't (and still don't) know how to handle an aspect of life.

Harness your Cycles of Anxiety, Anger, and Alientation and USE the way those painful states show up in your body to create tangible, sustainable change.

This Map shows you how to BE IN & WITH the parts registering stress–observe them and supprt them with breath and mindfulness, without asking them to change, and track the ways they Dissolve, Shift, Energize, and transform into Clarity, Creativity, and Calm. 

The story that directed the emotional chemicals to send your body into a stress response is one that seeks love, safety, forgiveness. YOU be the one to give it.