Women’s Retreat! Self-Love Breakthroughs

Join Shawn Mahshie, a Master Coach, in her 18th Women’s Retreat at Chesapeake Paradise in Maryland.
In early November, she will lead a group of women to discover how to be leaders of real change at home and work, and become the source of their own happiness and success.

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Join Shawn Mahshie, a Master Coach, in her 18th Women’s Retreat at Chesapeake Paradise in Maryland.
In early November, she will lead a group of women to discover how to be leaders of real change at home and work, and become their own source of happiness & success.

What’s standing in the way of using your gifts to become your happiest, most successful self?

Is it…

Anxiety and overwhelm over a wide array of circumstances and relationships?

Anger, blame, regret, and resentment toward yourself, others, or life?

Self-abandonment, agreeing to terms and treatment that no longer work for you?

What if I told you, I know of the perfect place for you to retreat from your life—and your To-Do list—for just three lovely Fall days, and begin unraveling these and more of your most dis-empowering mindsets.

Maybe learn a whole new way of relating to the issues, people, and events in your life. Can you imagine it?

Three days to luxuriously spend with a group of women who are committed to finding their own personal pathway to peace and freedom around the issues that stubbornly persist in their life—even after much inner work.

You have undoubtedly subscribed to or worked through a multitude of self-help and spiritual programs—but do you still feel that all that work barely scratched the surface of the real shifts you are looking for?

How often do you carve out a space and time for YOU to do deep life-altering work—and have fun at the same time?

If you’re looking for such a space and such a place to engage in a deep, radically different, efficient, and lasting kind of shift… and do it in a peaceful, natural, autumnal waterfront setting, then I have an opportunity for you very soon!

I know just the place, and it’s called Chesapeake Paradise, and the perfect event is waiting for you!

The FALL Waterfront Retreat is happening in just a few short weeks — November 9-12th 2023!

This lovely Chesapeake Bay Retreat and Event venue provides a fun, intimate venue for both beginners and repeat retreaters, to share the rich inquiries and exercises planned for this sacred time. And immerse themselves in my NO-MATTER-WHAT Way—reversing blame, shame, and disconnect from self, others, and life, via my Wheel of Self-Forgiveness and The Work of Byron Katie, in which I am a Certified Facilitator.

Opportunity is created to Inquire deeply about the people and situations you THOUGHT were stealing your freedom and peace

You will be immersed in the solitude and beauty that Travel + Leisure Magazine named Chesapeake Paradise—”the most wished-for Airbnb in Maryland” (also “most wished-for” self-evolution get-away by our many multiple-return retreaters!). Located right on the waterfront of the Chesapeake Bay…this is where your real transformation takes place.

In addition to participating in group sessions, you’ll have time to recline on one of our delicious chairs, swings or hammocks; paddle around on small watercraft; do yoga or meditation on the pier, enjoy an outdoor fire pit, lounge on the screened porch or balconies with one of the best views on the Bay, or dance with final night glee!


STEP I. Register for the Retreat Here! Please call or email me directly if you need to make special arrangements around payment at retreats@shawnmahshie.com or 1(301) 785-0545. If it is your first time or you are on the fence about anything, I’d be happy to have a call and discern if its a good fit for you.

STEP II. Select your accommodation and price that’s right for you! Choose from a variety of comfy yet luxurious, charming but modern, stunning and quaint onsite accommodations (from our private Chill Camper to our ‘Honeymoon Sunrise Suite’)

STEP III. Show up! More info to come and emails will guide you to us! We provide everything for a beautiful, relaxing, transformative weekend with other amazing people.

Retreat for a Weekend…

Give yourself this gift. Let Yourself Fall into Dependable Peace and Inherent Safety during our Self-Love Breakthrough Retreat In The Work of Byron Katie, at the gorgeous Waterfront property of Chesapeake Paradise, in Deale, Maryland.

Imagine knowing how to…

  • free yourself from anxiety and grow compassion, clarity, and confidence directly out of your pain. You flow in abundance via self-aligned actions that feed your soul….
  • Stay warmly and unconditionally connected to the part of yourself and others that is ALWAYS doing the best it can….
  • Know how to USE whatever upsets you as a direct path to unshakable safety and a life you love, your life is transformed in a weekend.

You will find all of this and more at my fall retreat. Act now, space is limited and we always sell out. xoxo.

Happy Fall!
🙂 Shawn


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