Why do marriages fail?​

Pretty big question with a pretty simple answer. So often people ask, “Well, what happened with your marriage? What went wrong?”
It’s not just one observable symptom that causes a marriage to be stressful, BUT THERE IS ONE BASIC THOUGHT BEHIND ALL EMOTIONAL PAIN THAT DRIVES A WEDGE BETWEEN MARRIED COUPLES.
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About Shawn

Shawn Mahshie, CEO of the Center for Self-Solidarity, is an internationally published author and thought leader in the field of self-compassion. She offers practical, reliable steps for how to harness whatever hurts as an efficient and personalized portal to peace, teaching simple models that transform tenacious patterns of anxiety, guilt, regret, defensiveness, grief, and even depression into instant breakthroughs and sustained results. Also certified under Byron Katie, Shawn has spent the past 30 years researching and validating the Symmetry in relationships. She holds transformative online masterminds, as well as sold-out waterfront retreats at her home near Washington DC. 

I'm in. I've drunk the Reliable Symmetry of Happiness kool aid. I want to immerse myself in it, become a skilled practitioner of it in my own mind and life, and pass it on to everyone I reach through Bright Line Eating to address the monkey mind that erupts when the crutch of food is no longer a go-to option.
Susan Peirce Thompson,
Ph.D.Neuroscientist, Professor in the Psychology of Sustained Weight Loss, CEO Bright Line Eating Solutions, Rochester NY