Using Your Descent into Defensiveness as Your Path to Peace

What happy changes happen–in your body and in your understanding of the real source of your pain–when you realize for yourself that the separation, hopelessness, and striving in defensiveness are created the MOMENT you believe your self-worthiness lies in what another is believing about you, and the moment you came to believe that it was your responsibility to change the way they see you. Where have you done to yourself exactly what you thought was being done to you? It’s amazing to know how to use defensiveness as the guide back to the intensity that got in started in childhood, and back to unshakeable peace.

“Our Bodies as Our Children” Part 2

Getting to “Work” When we pay attention to what we can do with our thinking about others, about our situation, and about our bodies, we truly free our bodies to do their work.  Our path is clear: Our only responsibility is our relationship with our thinking (which ultimately also leads us to a supportive relationship in which we make excellent choices for … Read more

“Our Bodies as Our Children” Part 1

One of the ways that people really “get” to keep their shifts is through reading about others with the same problems coming to realizations that free them from painful thoughts and ultimately, freeing them up from painful feelings.  What follows is correspondence of mine with an individual dealing with chronic pain.  This piece is in … Read more