Love your Dreams (and Love What Actually Happens)! [End the War with Time] PART II

What would “not enough” really mean when it comes to what gets accomplished?  Where is the line between enough and not enough, and who is the decider anyway?  If you think it’s YOU, you’re going to be hurting, because there are so many variables at play besides what your monkey-mind decides is important and meets … Read more

How to ALWAYS Accomplish Just Enough [End the War with Time]

 It is truly a human affliction to believe meaningless concepts like “should” and “should have.” Even a bird named Kevin knows that nothing can happen other than what is happening in any given moment. He–I mean, ‘She’–(learn about Kevin’s gender dilemma in Part II) does not engage in regret. At least I don’t think so. The … Read more

Shawn Mahshie