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We are delighted to invite you to become a Shawn Mahshie Affiliate. We now have the opportunity to collectively support a larger community of individuals who are seeking Shawn’s wisdom and expertise, as well as the amazing life shifts offered by herwriting, teaching, and coaching about the Reliable Symmetry of Happiness paradigm and her deep facilitation of The Work.

The FIRST affiliate program is RADICAL RELATIONSHIP RELIEF.  This game-changing program is intended for anyone ready to experience real change-actual relief-in their relationships to themselves, others, and life as they step into the fun and freedom Shawn calls ‘living and loving without conditions.’

Shawn’s life work was always about major shifts in very stuck situation, whether it was individuals, couples, schools, or entire governments-until her life crashed under the weight severe codependence, a stressful marriage and eventual divorce, chronic pain and illness, as well as discovering the food addictions that were fueling much of the above issues.

Her deep journey into the nature of thought and its relationship to physical and emotional pain and compulsive behavior, as well as many years of training under Byron Katie, position her to have a great deal to offer anyone who is ready for reliable and lasting changes in all areas of their lives.

This exciting webinar is hosted by Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions, LLC. The series of webinars will introduce you to the 6 Keys to Dependable Peace and Freedom.

What You Receive as An Affiliate:

1.)   A personalized web page for you to share with your community, with ALL the encompassing information about the Webinar: www.reliablerelationshiprelief.com

2.)   An email for you to send to your list which describes the program and how it can support anyone reading the offer on their life journey.  The email will include your link above for participants to register for this LIVE global webinar.

3.)   Your private access page to track any sales that have processed from those registering for the paid program through your affiliate page.

4.)   A second mailer to be sent out to your email list TWO days before the event to inform individuals that might have not seen the FIRST email of this amazing webinar that is being provided.

5.)   Your Affiliate financial compensation that will be provided to you by check or electronically X amount of days after registration of participants. Your Affiliate compensation is X% of the sales.

  • This FREE LIVE webinar, full of radically different ways to see and function in all your relationships, is scheduled to be conducted at on April 22April 25April 27th, and April 30th. Added BONUS…Question & Answer call with more information about the program itself onMay 2.
  • The course itself would start on May 12 (with a start-up call on May 7) and run until July 28, with both teaching calls and live facilitations (‘heart seat) calls where people get on and we work though the actual issues in their relationships. It will also include an active private discussion forum and opportunities to do individual and partner practice between our sessions.

THAT’S IT…it is that easy for you to expand the ways in which you THRIVE and those in your community. YOU are then all set up in the Happy Symmetry community to be a preferred affiliate within our other programs!

Feel free to contact me with any questions via support@happysymmetry.com.

Areeb A.J.
Reliable Symmetry Support Team

Call-to-Action Link Also visit this link for information about our upcoming Retreat, as it is an ADDITIONAL affiliate offering to YOU!